The Humble Libertarian

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A God of Heroes?

Is it possible,
That many modern people
despise and reject God,
because Christians have
let Him become so
pale, and sickly, and weak?

Merely good?
Merely nice?
Merely well-mannered?

Should the modern world
have any respect for the God
of the dregs, the democrat
of all of history's gods,
the God that requires no
sacrifice, no virtue, nothing
at all other than your vote?

...the God of the greatest
number and the lowest
common denominator?

And can we find in the
pages of the Gospels
of Jesus Christ a better
kind of God than this
anemic imposter?

It seems very obvious that
Jesus Christ is the Greatest
of all the Gods of Man Kind.

Would those who belong
to him have done such
great works if he were
merely the God of
the bankrupt?

Can we find in
the New Testament,
a God Prouder than
any heathen God?
And more Noble?
And more Wild?
More Ecstatic?
Thundering with
the Bliss of
unrestrained Vitality
and Creative Force?

A God of Heroes?