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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Can I Please Get a "Korean Lives Matter!" on Some Facebook and Twitter Feeds Right About Now?

Because apparently most Democrats right now seem more upset that Trump tweeted a silly video of himself hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball than they are about him actually threatening to commit genocide against North Koreans, and murder millions of innocent people there in a nuclear holocaust.

"we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea." -Donald Trump Speech to the U.N., Sept 2017

These people have kids.

Because apparently the whole nation will watch and rage when a crazy white supremacist crashes a car into a crowd of counter protesters and kills a woman, but most people have nothing to say about the President of the United States repeatedly threatening to crash a military into an entire country and kill millions.

"They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen ... " -Donald Trump tweet, Aug 2017

An elderly North Korean woman and her grandchild
wander among the debris of their home after being
bombed by the U.S. Photo: Keystone/Getty Images

Because apparently, the fact that a country of innocent people (just trying to live their lives like you) are being oppressed by their own government means that it's okay for every last one of them, including school children, bright young men and women, sweet dads, mothers nursing their babies, and nice grandparents, to be burned alive by our government in the oven of U.S. bomb blasts.

North Koreans walk in downtown
Pyongyang on April 18, 2017.
Wong Maye-E/AP

Because apparently no one knows about what the U.S. government did to Korea in the 1950s. No one knows why the Korean War even happened. No one knows that the North sent its army south to stop the brutal U.S.-backed South Korean dictator from mass executing tens of thousands of South Korean Democrats with the help of the U.S. military.

U.S. Supported Korean Dictator, Syngman Rhee
shaking hands with U.S. Rear Admiral Ralph A. Ofstie (1952)

Because no one seems to know that the U.S.-backed South Korean dictator was so intolerable that the South Koreans eventually overthrew him themselves, and that he was flown out of the country to save his life by a CIA jet plane, and died at a ripe old age in Hawaii after murdering all those people.

This U.S. Army photograph, once classified "top secret,''
is one of a series depicting the summary execution of 1,800
South Korean political prisoners by the South Korean
military at Taejon, South Korea, over three days in July 1950.
(AP Photo/National Archives, Major Abbott/U.S. Army)

Or that the U.S. response when the North Korean army came down to save tens of thousands of lives from a mass slaughter, was to carpet bomb entire North Korean cities back into the stone age, dropping more bombs on North Korean civilians than it dropped on the entire Pacific Theater against Japan in WWII, murdering millions of innocent people.

"The Forgotten War"
America forgot all about what the U.S. did in North Korea.
But how could the North Koreans forget?

And no one seems to know that the U.S. has never apologized for this or acknowledged that it was a crime against humanity, even though it was one of the worst war crimes of the 20th century. Or that the U.S. government has continued to endlessly harass, threaten, and provoke the devastated country of North Korea with its military bases right on their border ever since, conducting practice invasions of North Korea every year.

And you think Rosa Parks had a hard time in the 50s.

I am not making any of this up. 3 million civilians murdered.

Here is the full history of everything the U.S. government has done to the people of North Korea including citations of government archival sources regarding all the war crimes the U.S. committed in Korea, and its official policy of constantly stoking tensions with North Korea in the decades since. If you want to know the truth.

And in the meantime can I get a share on one of your social media channels and a freaking #KoreanLivesMatter on this?

Visitors wait to enter the Museum of Natural History
in Pyongyang on Sept. 28, 2016.
Ed Jones—AFP/Getty Images

Because speaking as someone whose DNA is spelled the same way as all those millions of souls nestled between China and South Korea, I just don't get the feeling that a lot of people think of them as human beings at all these days. You all think that Rosa Parks had a hard time with the U.S. government in the 1950s, just imagine if the U.S. government had killed 3 million black Americans in the 50s like it did Koreans. All of you who thought it was annoying when people said "All lives matter," because there's a serious disparity in how black lives are valued... how serious does the disparity look for Korean lives to you now?

Liberal social justice warriors on college campuses are so privileged and safe that their big civil rights struggle is against microaggressions, which is basically someone being rude to a minority, but why am I the only one with the conscience to speak up against the most powerful person in the world threatening to unleash fire and fury like the world has never seen on a country that has actually, already, literally seen fire and fury like the world has never seen? From the same government threatening it now?

Who has the sense of perspective and moral righteousness to stand up against the sea of Korean blood that the U.S. government has spilled and threatens to spill again?

If you're tired of fighting petty partisan fights and want to stand up for something real that matters, like saving children from being murdered, please share this and speak up to say: