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Friday, September 1, 2017

We Are Safe and Doing Fine After The Storm Flooded My House in Nashville Under Seven Feet of Water Last Night

Seeing your kid's Legos floating in water in their room in the middle
of the night is such bullshit, but try telling that to a rainstorm.

We are all safe and doing fine!

We have plenty of help from family and friends. But early this morning our house was in the middle of a lake, and we had to be pulled out of there by the local volunteer fire department.

We both heard gurgling in our HVAC at 12:50am. My wife walked over to the window, froze, and said, "You're not prepared to see what's out there." Water was up above our floor level outside the house, nearly to the bottom of our window, flowing like a river right past our window sill!

She was a very quick and clear thinker in the midst of this, and said we should shut down the house's electricity so it doesn't electrocute us. Then quickly gathered all the essentials we would need to save and triple wrapped them in plastic garbage bags.

I was good at keeping everyone calm. I think we did very well together and made the perfect team in an extremely strange and unsafe situation. It is a surreal experience to walk around your house in the middle of the night ankle deep in flood water.

I told my son, "You have to wake up right now. There's a flood coming into our house." "Why?" "It rained too much." "But why?"

He was really scared and stunned. He didn't cry. He just trembled, had a glazed over expression, and asked us in a little quiet voice to hold his hand and to hold him, as we were pulling everything together for our escape.

One of the creepiest things I've ever heard is my four year old tell me in a dull monotone voice, "I don't think I'm going to remember any of this. It's too scary."

I was speechless for a moment when he said that. Then I told him I will probably remember all of it forever because it is so strange, and if I were him I would pay attention and try to remember everything I could.

He really enjoyed the firetruck ride to the fire station. We waited there for my wife's parents to pick us up and take us to their place. We didn't get to sleep til probably 7.

It was so good trapped in my house by a flood, to look out the window and see the local volunteer fire dept's lights reflecting off the water.

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