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Thursday, September 21, 2017

What (Really) Happened (in memes)

Is Anyone Else Getting Sick and Tired of Hearing About Russia and Trump?

It's time to acknowledge the insidious evil of a century of Western socialists deliberately ignoring or even brazenly defending the communist atrocities of the 20th century.

And that's just one. The U.S. has either openly or covertly interfered in many other democratic elections overseas.

As many as she could have gotten away with.

A giant douche or a crap sandwich. Every four to eight years. Without fail. And the winner always breaks their promises.

The delusional revelry of Democratic commentators declaring Hillary's victory the day after the first debate made my head spin. Were they watching it with their eyes?

These people go into their jobs every day, not because it's something they are deeply passionate about, but to keep the lights on and keep you happy, healthy, clean, comfortable, and safe.

Keep mocking them and calling them racists, and see what monstrosity they vote for next because they're sick of your shit.

I have a kind of perverse respect for the people who supported Trump just to piss all over the entire edifice. But I am afraid, my friends, that you'll find the joke was on you.

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