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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! 10 Very Scary Facts About The U.S. Government

"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

1. The scariest thing about the U.S. federal government is that over the last 75 years, it has spent almost $10 trillion to build an estimated 70,000 nuclear bombs.

This is enough destructive power to completely annihilate all of human civilization.

The fact that these nightmare weapons, these hateful bombs even exist is absolutely terrifying, an ever present looming shadow over all of us.

2. Many of these nuclear bombs are mounted to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) which can fly around the world to deliver an insanely powerful and deadly nuclear explosion. America and Russia have these ICBMs aimed at each other, locked and loaded, and ready to launch within minutes' notice.

3. "ICBMs actually increase the threat of nuclear war because they basically require an itchy trigger finger. To survive an attack, ICBMs must be launched within seconds, minutes at most, leaving little time to verify a false warning." This is how we've been living for decades. Most of us have put this out of mind and don't think about it every day, but it is an every day reality.

4. At the height of Cold War tensions in 1981, with a Russian sub approaching closer than usual to U.S. shores as Ronald Reagan lay on the operating table for surgeons to remove the bullet from John Hinckley's assassination attempt, there was total confusion over the nuclear briefcase and who was the correct person in the line of presidential succession to be responsible for it. (Then Vice President George Bush Sr. was in the air on a plane while these events unfolded.)

5. The government has had a number of accidents with these insanely powerful nuclear weapons:

"Weapons accidentally dropped by the United States include incidents near Atlantic City, New Jersey (1957), Savannah, Georgia (1958) (see Tybee Bomb), Goldsboro, North Carolina (1961) (see 1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash), off the coast of Okinawa (1965), in the sea near Palomares, Spain (1966, see 1966 Palomares B-52 crash), and near Thule Air Base, Greenland (1968) (see 1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash). In some of these cases (such as Palomares), the explosive system of the fission weapon discharged, but did not trigger a nuclear chain reaction (safety features prevent this from easily happening), but did disperse hazardous nuclear materials across wide areas, necessitating expensive cleanup endeavors."

6. According to the Brookings Institution there are eleven U.S. nuclear bombs that have been lost and never recovered. They are unaccounted for to this very day. Here are the stories of eight of them. If thinking about that doesn't give you a chill...

7. The U.S. government's nuclear weapons facilities are terrifyingly vulnerable to attack:

"In 1972 three hijackers took control of a domestic passenger flight along the east coast of the U.S. and threatened to crash the plane into a U.S. nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The plane got as close as 8,000 feet above the site before the hijackers’ demands were met."

8. "Various acts of civil disobedience since 1980 by the peace group Plowshares have shown how nuclear weapons facilities can be penetrated, and the group's actions represent extraordinary breaches of security at nuclear weapons plants in the United States. The National Nuclear Security Administration has acknowledged the seriousness of the 2012 Plowshares action. Non-proliferation policy experts have questioned 'the use of private contractors to provide security at facilities that manufacture and store the government's most dangerous military material.'"

So basically a dozen or so Christian hippies with no major funding, resources, government backing, special forces training, or military experience have shown how poorly protected the government's nuclear weapons facilities are and how easy they are to breach. Shit.

9. With that in mind: "Nuclear weapons materials on the black market are a global concern, and there is concern about the possible detonation of a small, crude nuclear weapon by a militant group in a major city, with significant loss of life and property."

Every couple years now we have mass murderers in the U.S. who show their total disregard for human life. What happens when we have played Russian roulette with the existence of these nightmare weapons long enough and one of these kinds of people ends up in a position to launch or detonate a nuclear weapon?

10. In 2014 a USAF investigation found eleven U.S. officers responsible for launching the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Arsenal were using illegal recreational drugs and thirty four had been cheating on their monthly proficiency tests.

So several of the government's employees with the power to cause a catastrophic nuclear event that could kill anywhere from thousands to millions of people were found to be dishonest, incompetent, and high on illegal recreational drugs while responsible for nuclear missiles! If that's not enough to give you nightmares, I don't know what is. And it's not a horror movie.

It's your horror reality.

And now for your moment of Zen:

J. Robert Oppenheimer speaks the day after witnessing the first ever nuclear bomb explosion by the U.S. government:

I want to help the world pay attention to what the rest of the culture and media wants to hide from your eyes. Please pay attention with me by Liking my Facebook page to get these kind of reports in your news feed.

As Thomas Jefferson once said:


Why The Cops Won't Help You When You're Getting Stabbed [Video]

The Supreme Court has actually ruled that it is literally not the police's obligation to protect people from violent criminals.

The video you're watching above is a true story.

Here's the Wiki article on it.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bill O'Reilly: What a PoS

This story about all the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Bill O'Reilly just keeps getting worse and worse.

Michael Panter's post today about this is just, wow:

(BTW O'Reilly is suing him for saying this.)

The level of support and coverup for this behavior from the very top of Fox News Corporation! SMH

And after Roger Ailes last year.

I don't know how anyone can even watch that network anymore. Who cares if they help (R)'s get elected and you're an (R)? What good is that if they are this corrupt?

Fox News is clearly rotten to the roots just like Hollywood. Cut them out and get your news from better people.

And O'Reilly's response to all this is just classic O'Reilly. Time to pull out this old meme I made about him in 2011.

It's sadly never been more appropriate:

#libertarian #gop #foxnews #billoreilly #metoo

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"She" - The Relentless Gendering of Sexual Assault Victims as Female

On The Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal, Amy Swearer writes:

"There is a time and place to address genuine concerns about the left’s war on manhood, the horrible lack of due process for college students accused of sexual misconduct, and the unfortunate but very true fact that sometimes lives are ruined over false allegations.

Whatever that time is, and wherever that place may be, it is not when a person is telling you she was a victim of assault. That will never be the right time or place to raise those concerns. When someone confides in you about an event so life-altering and full of heart-rending pain, you do one thing. Only one thing.

You listen."


"Whatever that time is, and wherever that place may be, it is not when a person is telling you *she* was a victim of assault."

I know men who have been sexually assaulted. Yet Amy continues to gender the victims of sexual assault as female- just like the meme she discusses.

But more males are sexually assaulted in America than females.

(Stats from CDC, FBI, & BJS linked below.)

So if there was ever a time to bring up sexism against men in America...

When would be more appropriate than during a public awareness campaign about sexual assault that left male victims out?

A campaign that is phrased in such a way that shows most people are apparently incapable of even forming the thought that men (and boys) are sexually assaulted too?

Clearly the women who re-posted Alyssa Milano's meme and anybody who didn't notice that it left out men need a better "sense of the magnitude of the problem."

Even as the meme they shared purports to enlighten our ignorance of the "magnitude of the problem" of sexual assault.

While excluding *half* of the victims of the problem because they're not women???

Well if I have a speck of sawdust in my eye, here's what the telephone pole in your eye has kept you from seeing:

CDC Rape Numbers

When Men Are Raped: A new study reveals that men are often the victims of sexual assault, and women are often the perpetrators.

More men are raped in the US than women, figures on prison assaults reveal

(The telephone pole is misandry, btw.

It's real, and it's obviously worse than misogyny in America.)

I know men who have been sexually assaulted.

The horror and evil of your assault does not matter more than the horror and evil of the sexual assaults that happened to them because they are not women.

And it does not mean I should keep my mouth shut and wait a month to point out your words are keeping those sexual assaults invisible in a campaign purporting to raise awareness.

I have been ceaselessly amazed at the unwillingness to admit this is a problem with the #MeToo campaign.

You left the men out. Just admit it.

You left the men out because you didn't know.

And why doesn't that bother you?

You clearly don't have a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

And if you keep telling people who are saying this to be quiet, then you don't really want a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

Which makes me think you might be sexist and callous toward men.

I want to help the world pay attention to what the rest of the culture and media wants to obscure from view. Please pay attention with me by Liking my Facebook page to get these kind of reports in your news feed.

As Thomas Jefferson once said:


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Even Lindsey Graham Is Ready to Call an End to The Global War on Terror

With a Republican sitting in the Oval Office!

Four American soldiers died in an ambush fighting
in Nigeria's civil war on October 4, 2017.

Most Americans didn't even know the U.S. military
was in Nigeria, including top U.S. Senators!

"The war is now morphing. It's going to places we haven't heard of before..."

"I didn’t know there was 1,000 troops in Niger. This is an endless war without boundaries and no limitation on time and geography. You’ve got to tell us more and he [McCain] is right to say that."

Does that sound like something John McCain would call Ron Paul a wacko bird for saying, or something Lindsey Graham and John McCain would say??

Well it's Lindsey Graham and John McCain who said that this Sunday. Not even for partisan points. Not like it's a Democrat in the White House.

What do you do when even the staunchest war hawks are war weary?

It gives me hope.


#antiwar #libertarian #wackobird

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Value of #MeToo

Someone I knew from knocking on doors for libertarian-leaning political candidates years ago challenged me on some of my recent thoughts about the #MeToo meme that was re-posted by millions this week. She wrote:

"What is the actual problem of conflating the two, or just including the two as options, in a Facebook post though? As a practical matter, many women who are rape victims may not want to publicly say it but the fact that the meme had harassment as an option maybe allowed them to be freer with their experience. It's not like this is a Congressional law we're talking about where language needs to be precise and not vague... this is a meme."

I wrote back:

Sorry I wrote you a book. There's a lot to unpack here.

So you're saying someone who might be too embarrassed, as sad as that is, to say they were raped, might feel emboldened to speak up about their experience to their group of friends under the cover of the meme's ambiguity?

Wow. That is actually a very good point.

So that's a really great feature of how this meme was constructed. I'll acknowledge that. And I can see the twofold value there of victims feeling a kind of relief of being able to unburden themselves, and a value to society of taking the shame out of being attacked, which is a big tail rattle to attackers and harassers that people are going to be less likely to be afraid to talk about them going forward.

I don't have a problem with people speaking out about abuse. I think it's great. Chelsea Manning. Edward Snowden. Anybody who is hurt by another person or sees another person hurting someone in any way: I say the more people get that all out there and tell others about it and get some sunlight on it the better. Transparency all the way.

In 2013 I shared on Facebook about the years of physical and emotional abuse I endured from my father. I didn't mention my mother (she's been dead since 2001), but she was actually worse than him. He was terrifying and mean when he blew up. She beat me up so badly once when I was 5 and once when I was 11 that I called the police on both occasions. She was surprised the first time that I knew 911.

I never got any help. I was actually lectured both times by the police about giving my mother trouble and making false phone calls to 911. My parents made me think it was a horrible embarrassing secret that I needed to keep- that I was a bad kid. It's weird because I hear all these stories about child protective services being on hair trigger alert and taking kids just because the parents let them play outside in the front yard without being out there to watch them.

There wasn't a campaign for child abuse at the time. I just had to share because my son was born the month before and I had to finally reckon with the abuse I'd experienced. I couldn't imagine treating my son how I was treated. And this may sound weird, but Snowden speaking up about the NSA earlier that month emboldened me to speak up about what I knew.

I called every member of my extended family individually and had a long conversation with them about it. They mostly hated me for tearing apart our family.

I don't have a problem with people telling on abusers as publicly as possible. The stories I've read from my friends have made my heart ache for them. The ones who just copy/pasted the meme and said nothing, but whose stories I knew- my heart ached for them too.

Your point has softened my heart about this, but I still don't think that it is insensitive or dismissive to people who have been victimized to put an asterisk on the formula of this meme and say:

This meme purports to give us a better picture of the magnitude of the problem, but don't be assuming every person who posts it without any details has been sexually assaulted and get the impression the world is a darker place than it really is. And that's a real danger of the meme because of how broad it is.

And that's an asterisk that needs to go on it, which does not at all make your point any less true either that the broadness is probably a good thing as well. Nuance. Complicated issues are going to have some. But that asterisk needs to go on it so we don't get a worse impression of men than they deserve.

And another asterisk is that men are raped as often or more than women in America. It needs this asterisk because the one that Alyssa Milano got going and that people re-posted specifies only women. That's wrong. Because you can Google that if it sounds far fetched. And again, so we don't make men out to be worse than they are. Especially in a cultural environment that I see fomenting some seriously troubling misandry.

Some women may roll their eyes at that, but I won't be forgetting about James Damore or mr-hank any time soon.

And also make sure you're clear what totally different categories sexual harassment and sexual assault are, because casually associating the two is as dangerous in our conversations as it would be disastrous in a legal statute. Our words shape our reality, including corporate policy and legal statutes.

And I don't know if you're paying attention to the extreme social justice warrior movement in academia, or the tyrannical corporate anti-harassment stance in many American companies, but it is feeling a little hostile at there for men on this subject.

There should be an acknowledgment of how much our society values women, and tries very hard to keep them safe and make them feel safe, and takes their problems very seriously, and I would say much more seriously than they take violence against men. Which is another reason why I'm tone policing in the wake of this meme.

Just Google "the talk laughs at man" and watch the female celebrity hosts and the studio audience full of women laugh on national television about a man getting his penis cut off by his horrifically abusive wife.

It's 2017 and 8 out of 10 boys are still genitally mutilated by having a part of their genitals surgically removed right after they are born. It is an illegal practice in much of the rest of the world. And it would be easy to end here because it's not like random attackers are the perpetrators as with sexual violence against women. It's institutionalized, so we could make it go away.

Nothing has been done about this. And this is the blind spot society has for sexual violence against men. Because there's no way we would allow girls' genitals to be cut in this country. This country cares about and supports woman far more than it does men.

That doesn't mean women don't have problems, but I am sensitive to anything that might feed misandry. Because it's not right and because I've got a little boy who's growing up in this world too. And if anyone think this means I'm insensitive to the women who have been assaulted or harassed, they're not hearing me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Congresswoman Who Criticized Trump's Phone Call With The Soldier's Widow Is A Hypocrite

First of all, let's get this out of the way first.

What was wrong with what Trump said?

All the news headlines are clipping off the statement to make it sound dismissive and insensitive:

"He knew what he signed up for."

Well this is deceptive editing, because what he said was:

"He knew what he signed up for... but when it happens, it hurts anyway."

If you idiots keep doing this shit, you're going to get Trump reelected in a landslide.

This is why so many conservatives love Trump for slamming the media all the time. You guys are all dishonest as hell.

There are plenty of actually terrible things about Donald Trump that you can criticize him for without deceptive editing.

I'm still trying to figure out what is so horrible about what Trump said. Does Rep. Wilson know what the military does?

Yes, the soldier did know he was signing up to fight in wars.

Do all these Democrats who are acting appalled today know what happens in wars?

Saying "He knew what he signed up for," is more or less saying he was very brave and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

What is wrong with that?

Stop acting outraged over all these petty nothings and start paying attention to what's really going and get angry about real shit.

Like the fact that there are Americans being sent to fight in foreign civil wars in Niger to begin with.

Did any of you even know there were troops in Niger? Does that not come as a shock to you? Care to comment on that?

Are you not sick of this?

Well the congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson, who raised this controversy over Trump's phone call to the soldier's widow is not only not sick of this... she wants more of it.

She sponsored and got a bill passed to expand U.S. involvement in Niger and into neighboring Nigeria!

So by the time she's done maybe she'll get a couple more Americans from her district killed.

Then invent a reason to be angry about how the president talks to their spouse when they call to give their condolences.

But she won't criticize Trump for sending Americans to die in foreign civil wars in the first place.

Because she's helping him do it.

Not only did she sponsor and pass the aforementioned bill, but she votes for the DOD appropriations bills and the NDAA bills.

To keep putting tens of billions of dollars behind getting Americans killed fighting foreign civil wars in Africa and the Middle East.

If any representative wants to stop the horrific madness of it all, they can vote to defund the God damned- and I mean that so literally- "Overseas Contingency Operation."

Johnson was obviously a bright and capable young man, and he could have done wonderful things for our society.

He could have been working peacefully in some commercial enterprise in Florida and living with his family.

He could have produced something wonderful for our country and watched his children grow up.

Instead Wilson and Trump sent him to a place where people are shooting at each other. Which is so fucking stupid.

These politicians got him killed then bickered at each other to score partisan points in the never ending election cycle.

Fuck them all. Wilson, Trump. Fuck both of them.

And everybody getting on social media to act mad at Trump for not window dressing the irrational horror of U.S. foreign policy...

Instead of slamming Trump, Obama, Bush and all of them for getting Americans killed in foreign civil wars in Africa and the Middle East in the first place: Fuck you too.

As for me- I have always been against every war and will continue to be from now until the day I die.

I'm already against the next war.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

#MeToo Meme Is Muddy and Sexist

I think there are a couple big dangers worth pointing out about the #MeToo meme.

For one, it may have blown sexual assault out of proportion by conflating it with sexual harassment.

This is because of how the meme was formulated:

So that when someone posts it, they could mean a range of things from being horrifically raped to someone just being very rude to them.

But with sexual assault featuring prominently in this meme, packaging the two all together like that risks painting an inaccurate picture of the world. a campaign that is purported to make us more aware of how things really are out there.

But because of this meme, is the world looking like it might be a lot worse than it really is?

When I brought this concern up in a discussion, a friend of mine said something I agree with 100%:

"I think it's the prerogative of anybody who has been raped to be as vague as they choose."

But right before he said that, he said this:

"I don't think a lot of people who haven't been raped are going to leave it ambiguous, and I think it's the prerogative of anybody who has been raped to be as vague as they choose."

So he is assuming the worst might have happened when he sees the meme reposted without any details.

That is exactly the concern I have.

Of course no one has any obligation to publicly share any of the details about anything in their life.

But that doesn't make this potential danger of #MeToo any less of a potential danger.

And I know he's assuming, but that's what the meme is designed, intentionally or not to make you do...

It is suggestive, not clarifying. It impugns the world by repeatedly suggesting a terrible possibility.

Everyone who posted #MeToo essentially posted:
"I might have been raped."

Well I might have too. Glad we cleared that up.

Men are just awful aren't they? The world is overflowing with Harvey Weinsteins.

My friend told me:

"I mean I don't expect them to imply they've been raped. I don't think sharing the meme alone implies that, since it's explicit about the perimeters. And if you want clarity about a friend you can ask."

He stopped responding after I replied:

"Sure if it's a close friend I care about I can ask.

If it's a 'friendly,' not a close friend, an acquaintance that I am FB friends with, which most of us have hundreds of, then I wouldn't dare send them a message saying:

'Hey I noticed you posted #MeToo. Were you actually raped or just whistled at?'

All I know is the number of people I've seen who... might have been raped. And that doesn't clear up anybody's picture of the state of the world like this meme purports to do.

I am concerned, and inclined to think it just muddies up our view of the world."

The other danger of this meme is how it is formulated to the exclusion of men.

That's sexist.

Someone will point out that some men have posted #MeToo, but the meme that has been reposted over and over again by women is worded to exclude men.

It is clear from how it's worded that the meme is not for awareness and sympathy of sexual assault victims.

It is using sympathy for female sexual assault victims to drive a wedge between men and women.

Otherwise why specify the gender of the victim?

Because more men are raped in America than women.

You read that right.

Or do the men who are raped in prison not count?

#MeToo #BlackLivesMatter

Pick one.

Because the #MeToo meme is about women. It says it right in the meme. And the men are forgotten.

I'm not saying pretty white women don't have problems in America, or that their problems are always solved.

But at least they get taken seriously.

It's still perfectly acceptable to make prison rape jokes on television. Those are men. Who cares?

Or they're just criminals, right?

Well it's weird how a disproportionate number of black men are criminals.

And many of those "criminals" are there for non-violent offenses. And many of the criminals getting raped in detention are minors.

And even if they're violent adult criminals, do they deserve to get raped?

And laughed at for it? Or just ignored and forgotten?

It is your white, female privilege in this country to post #MeToo to your Facebook.

The black men getting raped in prison don't have a Facebook and they don't have a voice.

And it is female privilege for a woman who's incapable of taking care of her kids to get a house and food from the government.

Because a male who can't take care of his kids gets a prison cell from the government.

And that's regardless of race.

That's how it works in the United States.

Before you try it, I am not just conveniently bringing this up now because I'm mad about #MeToo.

I felt burdened by and wrote about the rape epidemic in the United States prison system back in 2010:

Prison Rape, A National Crisis, May 1, 2010
Prison Rape, Myths and Misconceptions, Sept 4, 2010
Cross-gender strip searches ruled unconstitutional, Jan 8, 2011

"As I’m sure you know, your previous coverage of the problem of sexual abuse in detention has made a strong impression on the Department of Justice." -Lovisa Stannow, Just Detention International, 3/29/11

That felt good to hear, but it also seemed to me like no one really listened.

When a bunch of pretty white rich women might have been raped, we all pay attention.

When men get raped, no one cares.

As the #MeToo meme shows, women are not even able to form the thought that men get raped.

That is female privilege folks.

And there are too many countless other examples of it to tolerate the combative gender politics hardwired into this meme without pointing that out.

So was I.

Suggested by a friend: "If all the men who have been genitally mutilated by having part of their penis removed when they were a baby wrote 'So was I." as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem."

I wonder what would happen if I posted this.

Because right after they were born, the lives of 4 out of 5 boys in America took a drastic detour that the girls in this country did not, when they had a part of their genitals surgically removed.

Something that doesn't happen to females here.

Something we deplore and call by its correct name, female genital mutilation, when it happens to girls in Muslim countries.

Welcome to America, little boy.

It's a woman's country.

Please do not be afraid to share if you agree:

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"You're weird"

Well so are you.

Everything's weird.

Except the things that aren't.

Because we understand them.

Because they're on our map of the world.

And you would want things to be weird.

Instead of all exactly like your map.

Because then you would be living in a map.

Instead of reality.

It would be weird if nothing was weird.

Very weird.

Often we're delighted by something weird.

Though of course not always.

So long as it's harmless to others.

So long as it's not threatening.

So long as it doesn't stand in the way,

Of you being weird your own way,

Let it be weird.

And don't make anyone suffer over it.

You're weird too.

You're so weird.

Everything is so weird.

Weird doesn't even look like a real word anymore.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Chickity China The Chinese Chicken...

Bill Maher Just Made An Airtight Liberal Case Against Gun Control

Bill Maher makes an excellent case against gun control. Of course that's not what he meant to do, but he unwittingly makes the point very well:

"If it was a Muslim it’d be about the ban. If it was a Mexican it’d be about the wall. And I feel like, when it’s a white guy it’s like, ‘We don’t know how this happened.’ I feel like it doesn’t get to be an isolated incident if you’re a minority. It’s always — this guy was from a broken home, his father was a criminal. That would be a big deal on Fox News, I feel like."

Right. And liberals oppose the ban! And liberals oppose the wall! So liberals should oppose gun control in the same way and for the same reasons.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all terrorists are Muslims. So the ban just unfairly harasses an entire category of people for isolated incidents.

Not all Mexican immigrants are rapists, Mr. President, and not all rapists are Mexican immigrants.

So a wall just unfairly harasses an entire category of people for isolated incidents.

And not all gun owners are mass murderers, and not all mass murderers use guns.

So gun control unfairly harasses an entire category of people for isolated incidents.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Catch-22: Not Another Libertarian Argument Against Gun Control

That's some catch, that Catch-22," he observed.

"It's the best there is," Doc Daneeka agreed.

-Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Every time someone carries out a terrorist attack in America using a gun, these shameless political opportunists and their fake-lamenting, virtue-signaling public of political fetishists brazenly climb onto the pile of dead bodies to start harassing other Americans who peacefully own guns and calling for the curtailment of gun ownership in this country.

There is nothing at all like a comparable reaction to the constant carnage on America's highways, with thirty and forty thousand people dying every year in automobile accidents: a 9-11 terrorist attack worth of human lives lost every month. We fundamentally reordered our society and planet over 9-11, but can't be bothered to stop the automobile deaths. We've just written those people off as the cost of doing business.

Because the lives lost in a terrorist attack like Las Vegas are all over the television, so their deaths feel more real to most people (nb: television is more real to people than reality). Those strangers' untimely deaths matter more to people (for a week) and require a public display of their rehashed "insights" and "solutions." Of all the evils in the world that happen each day, the media masters said this particular evil was noteworthy because it plays well on television (there's drama, there's mystery, there's a villain, and it is remarkable)... and of course, as Barack Obama's former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, so perfectly stated: the establishment will "never let a serious crisis go to waste."

Well I won't rehash all the tired, old debates that we have with gun grabbers every time. You know the arguments. Plenty of people have made them already, probably better than I could. You already know that the statistics the gun grabbers use are out-of-context and misleading. Their arguments are erroneous and non sequitur.

So what will I share with you instead of the facts about gun ownership, gun violence, and gun legislation in America? What hasn't already been said out there by libertarians and conservatives on the free and open Internet? A word of warning.

Don't fall into the trap of saying this is about mental health, not guns. Many of us who believe that the government should honor the Second Amendment (you know, because it's the law) have argued lately that instead of going for the guns, we need to do more to spot and treat sufferers of mental health problems.

Give 'em an inch...

There's something ominous in that line of thinking. Don't get the government involved in mental health either. Don't encourage government policymakers to try to fix mental health problems. They're not going to be able to. Their track record of solving problems isn't exactly exemplary, and their record of making problems worse is well, pretty impressive to say the least. What takes the cake, however, is their record of taking some problem, real or imagined, and to see it everywhere, to artificially expand its scope to epic proportions, and thereby expand the scope of their prerogatives to solve it.

You want policymakers to find solutions to mental health problems? Well that means, to begin with, that you want them to define mental health problems. Who says they'll have the right definition? Who says the definition won't expand? Who says they don't already think you have a mental health problem?

You've already seen the bumper stickers and heard the talk radio hosts say that "liberalism is a mental disease." Think gun-grabbing "liberals" won't return the favor? You're already a terrorist, you know. And a Nazi, right? (Even though they're the ones grabbing at guns... like the actual Nazis did.)

Want conservatism to become a mental disease too? Just keep asking for the state to redirect its attention from your ammo clips to your very mind. That'll turn out better. And how much easier of a target are those crazy, kooky libertarians for the mental health care-icization of their beliefs? All with a benevolent state overlooking the "care" of course.

Hey, maybe just wanting a gun could be a mental health problem. That would be a nice Catch-22. "Sure you can have a gun, if you pass a mental health check. Oh yeah, sorry, if you want a gun, you must be crazy. So no gun for you."

And note carefully that this is exactly how the Nazis and the Weimar Republican that incubated them disarmed their eventual victims. They didn't just put a blanket ban. They did exactly what liberals and even some misguided conservatives and libertarians are calling for now. They created a regulatory regime as a gatekeeper to decide if someone was mentally fit or not to have a gun. Turned out an awful lot of Jews came up short on that poll test. So any hint of government regulation of our mental fitness to own guns should always be met with loud hissing.

Here's another Catch-22: the more we draw attention to overblown media panics, the more effective they are; we play right into them. Yet, saying nothing allows their false premises and conclusions to go unchallenged. It's maddening isn't it? Donald Trump rode that fascinating, nasty Catch-22 right into the Oval Office. If any of you can think of a way out of that, do please share in the comments. I'm all eyes!

The solution is to stop letting them invent problems to solve and then beg incompetents-at-best, liars-thieves-murderers-and-tyrants-at-worst to solve them. No, I'm not saying the death of innocent people at a shooters's hands is not a problem, but I am saying that trying to stir up a national panic and beating the drum for a response from Washington on par with the GWOT-- as many of these absolutely insane, so-called liberals have been doing-- loses sight of the big picture entirely.

Everyone who has something to gain from it will play their part to hold the posture, whether it's a gun-grabber with a political agenda, a media corporation with ratings to make, or a boring, self-important consumer of media who doesn't have anything else interesting to say.

I'm saying: turn. off. your. television.

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