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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bill O'Reilly: What a PoS

This story about all the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Bill O'Reilly just keeps getting worse and worse.

Michael Panter's post today about this is just, wow:

(BTW O'Reilly is suing him for saying this.)

The level of support and coverup for this behavior from the very top of Fox News Corporation! SMH

And after Roger Ailes last year.

I don't know how anyone can even watch that network anymore. Who cares if they help (R)'s get elected and you're an (R)? What good is that if they are this corrupt?

Fox News is clearly rotten to the roots just like Hollywood. Cut them out and get your news from better people.

And O'Reilly's response to all this is just classic O'Reilly. Time to pull out this old meme I made about him in 2011.

It's sadly never been more appropriate:

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