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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Congresswoman Who Criticized Trump's Phone Call With The Soldier's Widow Is A Hypocrite

First of all, let's get this out of the way first.

What was wrong with what Trump said?

All the news headlines are clipping off the statement to make it sound dismissive and insensitive:

"He knew what he signed up for."

Well this is deceptive editing, because what he said was:

"He knew what he signed up for... but when it happens, it hurts anyway."

If you idiots keep doing this shit, you're going to get Trump reelected in a landslide.

This is why so many conservatives love Trump for slamming the media all the time. You guys are all dishonest as hell.

There are plenty of actually terrible things about Donald Trump that you can criticize him for without deceptive editing.

I'm still trying to figure out what is so horrible about what Trump said. Does Rep. Wilson know what the military does?

Yes, the soldier did know he was signing up to fight in wars.

Do all these Democrats who are acting appalled today know what happens in wars?

Saying "He knew what he signed up for," is more or less saying he was very brave and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

What is wrong with that?

Stop acting outraged over all these petty nothings and start paying attention to what's really going and get angry about real shit.

Like the fact that there are Americans being sent to fight in foreign civil wars in Niger to begin with.

Did any of you even know there were troops in Niger? Does that not come as a shock to you? Care to comment on that?

Are you not sick of this?

Well the congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson, who raised this controversy over Trump's phone call to the soldier's widow is not only not sick of this... she wants more of it.

She sponsored and got a bill passed to expand U.S. involvement in Niger and into neighboring Nigeria!

So by the time she's done maybe she'll get a couple more Americans from her district killed.

Then invent a reason to be angry about how the president talks to their spouse when they call to give their condolences.

But she won't criticize Trump for sending Americans to die in foreign civil wars in the first place.

Because she's helping him do it.

Not only did she sponsor and pass the aforementioned bill, but she votes for the DOD appropriations bills and the NDAA bills.

To keep putting tens of billions of dollars behind getting Americans killed fighting foreign civil wars in Africa and the Middle East.

If any representative wants to stop the horrific madness of it all, they can vote to defund the God damned- and I mean that so literally- "Overseas Contingency Operation."

Johnson was obviously a bright and capable young man, and he could have done wonderful things for our society.

He could have been working peacefully in some commercial enterprise in Florida and living with his family.

He could have produced something wonderful for our country and watched his children grow up.

Instead Wilson and Trump sent him to a place where people are shooting at each other. Which is so fucking stupid.

These politicians got him killed then bickered at each other to score partisan points in the never ending election cycle.

Fuck them all. Wilson, Trump. Fuck both of them.

And everybody getting on social media to act mad at Trump for not window dressing the irrational horror of U.S. foreign policy...

Instead of slamming Trump, Obama, Bush and all of them for getting Americans killed in foreign civil wars in Africa and the Middle East in the first place: Fuck you too.

As for me- I have always been against every war and will continue to be from now until the day I die.

I'm already against the next war.