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Monday, November 6, 2017

Libertarian Dad Debates Military Dad About Spanking Children

When someone posted a link to a libertarian Facebook group about the latest science on spanking (it's terrible for kids and does serious long-term damage), someone who spanks his son (but not his daughters) spoke up to make a very strange defense of spanking.

I had to respond and a debate ensued:

The sexism against males along with the cavalier attitude toward physically hurting children is what makes this really appalling to me.

This is a very common attitude that I have encountered in discussions about spanking online and with people in person. Which is why little boys are more likely to be spanked than little girls.

The science is very clear about the long term damage this causes. Sexism and violence against males- in contrast to a protective attitude toward females- is evidently built right into our culture even at the level of the nuclear family as well as across society.

This is just one of many examples of female privilege in American culture. If you agree, please share:

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