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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sexist AF America Would Have Responded Very Differently If A Female Senator Had 6 Ribs Broken

Another example of how violence against men in this country is trivialized.

A lot of people pretty much laughed about Rand Paul getting assaulted and left with 6 broken ribs.

Three of them were displaced fractures (where the halves of the broken bone are knocked completely out of alignment) and he also had pulmonary contusions, which are a life threatening injury that can fill a person's lungs up with blood and fluid until they drown.

The reaction from most of America was pretty much a big yawn. But you know we would have mobilized to DefCon 1 if a female political leader had been assaulted in her own front yard and severely injured.

There would have been such a massive and effusive outpouring of good will and concern for her.

She would have gotten her own trending hashtag with its own special Twitter flair icon. There would have been a lot of fierce rage for her attacker.

There may have even been a #MeToo campaign for other women (women only, not men) who have been assaulted to soak up all the love and concern too.

No way would there be so many people pushing the victim's attacker's lawyer's narrative that this was a trivial dispute.

(To try to save his client from serving serious time for the federal felony of attacking a congressman for political reasons.)

It would not only be seen as a political attack (especially if the attacker was a rabid member of the opposite party as is the case with Paul's attacker)...

It would be interpreted as an attack on all women and an act of misogyny. You know it would.

Sure if a female senator had been assaulted there would have been a few callous jerks who make snide remarks and jokes about it to asshole signal, just like there always are for anything that ever happens.

But they would have received a righteous smack down and their attitudes would be in the extreme minority, drowned out in the thunderous roar of society's care and concern for the severely injured woman.

And all of this is the way it should be.

There should be zero tolerance for people physically harming others, and there should be an outpouring of love and concern for victims of assault.

But all this week #libertarian on Twitter has been an absolute shit show of people who don't usually tweet that word who want to make sure everyone knows how funny they think it is that Rand Paul was assaulted and how much they think he basically deserved it.

And the mainstream press has been in on the "joke."

Senior Editor at The New Republic

MSNBC Anchor

Detroit Free Press columnist

Think this show would dare run a long segment making
jokes about Elizabeth Warren being severely injured in an assault?

Well if you ask me, this is just another in the Solar System's biggest mountain worth of examples of how violence against men in this country is trivialized, normalized, overlooked, and even laughed about by you insane sexist assholes.

If you still don't believe me, just watch this popular, mainstream, daytime television show in which popular mainstream female celebrities and their crowing audience of lunatics laugh about a man getting his penis cut off by his wife.

This was in 2011:

"I think it's fabulous." -Sharon Osbourne discussing an extremely violent sexual assault.

In the spirit of the entertainment industry setting new standards about who it's acceptable to continue working with in light of their past behavior...

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You can't deny how much more seriously we take violence and assault against women in this country.

And if we're going to build an equal and just society in which everyone is as safe as society can make them, we have to let go of this shitty double standard.

If you agree, please share this article.

Millions of you showed you care about the victims of sexual assault over the last month.

Please prove you care about non-sexual, but still violent assault too. And prove you care about #MenToo. Even if they're libertarian.

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