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Friday, November 17, 2017

Taxation Is Theft and Democracy Is One of The Biggest Scams Ever Perpetuated on Mankind

A libertarian has a debate with a democratic socialist about taxes and civilization after he posted the meme above.

"Taxes and govt didn’t make all that stuff. Engineers, scientists, and business people did. I don’t have to be in a civilization with you personally, Josh. I should be able to freely associate or not with whomever I choose. This idea of society as a whole that I have to accept or reject altogether, all 300 million of you, and if I accept you get to cut me in half to throw half of me into the common pool with half of everybody else for us all to pick people based on a popularity contest to be in charge of how to distribute it back to us is the most preposterous inanity ever devised by the sick minds of man!"
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