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Monday, November 13, 2017

Video Surfaces of Moore Kissing 15 Year Old at A Party in 1982! Watch:

In the clip an obviously drunk Moore aggressively kisses the 15 year old at a party in 1982 while other party guests whoop in approval.

First kiss starts at 01:22.

Second kiss at 01:49.

Third kiss at 04:36...

Yeah, it's not that Moore. It's Demi Moore.

But she's an adult and he's a minor.

And she's really giving it to him too!

In the first kiss she could be slipping him some tongue.

The 15 year old is Philip Tanzini (Moore's General Hospital co-star)... it was Philip's birthday.

What do you think about this? Is it okay?

Should her career be over like Kevin Spacey's?

Should FOX write her out of her recurring role on the hit hip-hop drama Empire?

If this were a male celebrity of Demi Moore's status, no doubt this would be trending on Twitter and the headlines would say:

"Not Funny: Video of Steve Carrell Sexually Assaulting a Minor at a Party in 1982."

And everyone would hate the man.

Because there are some major double standards against men in this country.

And some of them are really shitty in my opinion.

Is this one a fair double standard?

If you think the question merits a serious discussion as society sorts out its sexual mores and standards in the hopes of doing better, please share this post.

I'll tell you what I think.

I think it's not fair.

I think it stems from a deep rooted cultural bias that idealizes women and demonizes men.

So we view men in the worst possible light and women in the best possible light.

And it manifests in all kinds of terrible, sexist ways that are unfair to men. Ask a man who's been through the court system over a divorce. Especially if he has kids.

It also comes from a sexist cultural bias that infantilizes women as weak, helpless, and delicate, something that works against positive female empowerment.

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