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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Don't Act Like You Don't Know For Sure This GOP Tax Bill Is A Scam

Or don't call yourself a libertarian.

Here's how you can be 100% certain that a tax bill is a scam:

Is it a tax bill?

It is?

Okay, it's a scam.

You came here for specific evidence that this particular tax bill is a scam?

How about the fact that Republican leaders lied about it and then admitted they lied?

First the outline for the tax plan is released and Rand Paul goes:

Hold up, you call this a Republican tax bill? It's gonna raise taxes on a bunch of ppl!

Then Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell say no it won't. The TPC got their analysis wrong.


Then a month later they admit they lied
(of course they say "misspoke").

Mitch McConnell says:

"I misspoke on that. You can’t guarantee that absolutely no one sees a tax increase."

Well that's what you did, liar.

And yeah actually you can do that.

You can just manage your funds responsibly and not raise taxes.

It actually takes no effort at all to not raise taxes. Literally a baby could do it. A turtle could do it. A rock could not raise taxes.

All you have to do is just nothing at all and you won't raise taxes.

You just don't want to.

It is awesome to hear you admit that you are literally incapable of not raising taxes though.

Paul Ryan's spokesperson also said he "misspoke," and put out this weasel worded bullshit: "average households at every income level see a tax cut."

So this is like a dictionary definition scam.

"...dishonest, swindle, fradulent, racket, trick, deceive, dupe hoodwink, double-cross..."

Donald Trump promised a middle class tax cut and now many middle class taxpayers are going to see their taxes increased under the GOP bullshit tax bill.

Well a lot of people will get a tax cut.

That's a win, right?

People who call themselves libertarians are saying this shit.

No. That is not a tax cut. Some people are getting their taxes increased under this so it's not a tax cut. It's wealth redistribution.

And the tax bill doesn't cut spending.

So it is a promise to raise taxes on all of us later to pay for all the spending they're going to do anyways w/o taxing us now.

Plus interest to service the added debt.

So you'll pay it back later with interest.

And the Federal Reserve will create the money they borrow instead of taking it out of our paychecks, and that monetary expansion will steal the value right out of your earnings when you go to spend them.

Because when the Fed creates money, the supply of money is now greater, so every dollar is now worth less.

So everything will be more expensive than it would have been otherwise. Sneaky, huh?

That's not a tax cut.

It's a goddamn scam.

Yeah, I really do need to get around to buying some BTC soon...
Better wait for the price to go down first...
shit! shit! shit!

And I mean come on.

You guys know how this works.

Republicans promise tax cuts and taxes and spending just increase anyways.

This is has been going on for a long time.

"Read my lips."

Just watch this Republican scamming Americans in 1988:

Even Ronald Reagan raised taxes eleven times during his presidency while raising federal spending to unprecedented levels and tripling the national debt.

These politicians are professional scammers.

Do not buy into the incredibly misguided and patently false notion that Republicans are fiscal conservatives or even close to libertarian in any way when it comes to what they actually do- not the bullshit that freely flows from their face anuses.

Republicans and Democrats are no different.

And they are both socialist to the core.

And you just know whatever details they're fighting about in the media over this tax bill is just a distraction, and that the real way most Americans are going to be screwed over by this is buried somewhere in the 479 pages.

(this is a red herring)

And that the lawyers who wrote this thing are going to make some big money consulting for corporate America to help them take advantage of it at our expense.

But most importantly of all:

Taxation is worse than a scam. And I think you can see where I'm going with this...


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