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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Libertarians Are Winning

People are saying all libertarians do is lose. Well here's my tally...

Some amazing shit happening...

It's about to be mushrooms next...

Even your pastor's watching porn...

Yeah nothing to see here. Just an unbroken winning streak from 1791 - 2017.

People in government are now paranoid that libertarians are watching them!

And they are bleeding party membership as people flee the wreckage to become unaffiliated independent voters.

That's less than a million to four million LP voters in four years from 2012 - 2016.

And turnout for both of the two main parties continued to plummet to a 20 year low.

A lot of libertarians turned ten dollars into a million in about five years.

I'll let you do the math for the libertarians that invested a thousand dollars.

"Well... um... uh... bah... duh... they build the roads! What's your plan for roads?"

Now give libertarians their props.

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