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Friday, December 1, 2017

Stefan Molyneux's Unlibertarian and Racist Rant About Immigration

State nationalism is obviously antithetical to libertarianism, and it's obviously evil.

What kind of a bizarre alternate reality have we ended up in that any libertarians at all are falling for this nasty and stupid shit?

Well here's the video Stefan Molyneux published Wednesday:

Let's dive right in:

"If you're going to have... the welfare state, free education, free health care, free you name it... then you have to have borders."

This is an argument against the welfare state. Not an argument for the police state.

See this is where Stefan Molyneux has abandoned libertarianism completely for racism and state nationalism.

Instead of arguing for less welfare state, he argues for more police state. It's very hard to hear from someone who made a name for himself as a formidable critic of the state.

Stefan Molyneux is leading his listeners into the time-honored statist death spiral of correcting problems caused by government with even more government.

Besides all that his facts are wrong.

Immigrants are twice as likely as native born Americans to start a new business, one of the engines of the American economy.

Those that don't start businesses, contribute payroll taxes to fund the government, even those that aren't here legally.

A 2013 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that:

"...more than half of undocumented immigrants have federal and state income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes automatically deducted from their paychecks."

The truth is: Immigrants boost economic productivity, pay state and federal taxes, and pay more for public benefits than they use.

According to a 2010 report by the American Immigration Council:

"In one estimate, immigrants earn about $240 billion a year, pay about $90 billion a year in taxes, and use about $5 billion in public benefits."

Interestingly $5 billion is exactly how much American tax money ICE uses every year without paying anything back into the system.

So if Molyneux really wanted to recoup that $5 billion in tax money immigrants use, why not just cancel ICE? Problem solved.

And no non-violent, productive person has to get kidnapped by a man with a shiny piece of metal on his shirt because they were born on the wrong side of an imaginary line.

That ICE agent's just going to have to get a real job that actually produces something, like the immigrant who he puts his hands on.

So libertarian of Stefan.

What an intellectual fraud and moral coward he turned out to be.

It is an incredible tragedy to have lost him like this to the insanity of state propaganda.

So let's continue. Next Molyneux says:

"If you want to find a group that statistically most wants a smaller state, you want white males...

So when you're opposing immigration it's not because of racism.

After the ... in that quote he cites a survey in which fewer white respondents say they want bigger government than any other race.

But their survey responses don't mean dick.

They can say whatever they want on a survey, but they continue to vote for Republicans and Democrats who continue to grow government at a breakneck pace.

If saying they didn't want bigger government on the survey meant anything, then there wouldn't be a 95% incumbency rate for a Congress that continues to grow government with either party in the majority.

Whites have been the overwhelming racial majority in this country for a century by numbers and by the amount of financial resources they have to influence elections.

And over that same period of time government grew exponentially.

Racism is judging groups when there aren't differences. Right?

It's not racist to say, that uh, Chinese, like native Chinese people tend to be shorter than Danish people. That's not racist because it's based on fact.

No, racism is judging an individual and assuming they share a real or imagined characteristic in common with others who belong to the same race.

Racism is inferring from the general and collective to the specific and individual. It's wrong. And it's what he's advocating.

You can't stand between me and an immigrant and block us from engaging in mutually voluntary commerce because there's a chance based on Juan's race and a fucking Pew survey that he might vote for bigger government. Fuck you.

It's none of your fucking business. And it is racist. You're violating my rights and you're violating the immigrant's rights.

Because immigration generally is the stuffing of the ballot with people who want bigger and bigger government...

It's going to tip the balance to the point where peacefully and democratically achieving a smaller state will become completely impossible."

So Stefan Molyneux is advocating the democratic process here as a viable route to a smaller state...

Is that not leaving anybody else scratching their heads?

Stefan Molyneux's early podcasts absolutely eviscerate the naive notion that you could possibly vote the state into putting itself back into the can of worms.

He seriously annoyed a lot of Ron Paul supporters in 2007-08 by insisting on the futility of their effort to create a smaller government through democratic participation.

So this jackass wouldn't even support Ron Paul's bid for president because it couldn't possibly make government smaller, but now he's arguing if we don't support police state enforcement of racial immigration quotas, we'll never have a chance to elect someone who might make government smaller???

Stefan Molyneux wouldn't support Ron Paul, but he'll support Donald "YUGE Government" Trump, who is accelerating all of Obama's worst big government excesses?

The following short clip should be re-titled "2008 Stefan Molyneux Laughs at 2017 Stefan Molyneux for a Minute Straight!"

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