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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#WorkoutWednesday - How To Make a Pizza Protein Shake

If you're going after some hard gains in muscle mass in 2018, lifting smart and hard is the first step, but the second, indispensable step is getting enough calories in for your body to start laying down mass.

From my own experimentation over the last year, I highly advocate cooking and blending high calorie meals with plenty of protein in them. Blending opens up all those calories and nutrients to instant absorption.

It makes everything you're taking in readily available to your body without the work of digestion, and it is easier on your digestive tract, which will be important given how much you will have to eat to gain.

Pay attention to how you're feeling, but don't worry too much about putting on some fat as well as muscle when you're trying to gain. If you're worried, lift harder. We're going to cut and get lean in late Spring.

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