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Friday, December 15, 2017

Would You Notice Her Pores?

They say airbrushed models and celebrities are unrealistic, but I think they are more realistic. It is the photograph that is unrealistic to begin with.

We don't usually notice someone's pores when we see them face to face.

When we are in the presence of someone their pores get airbrushed out by the animated spirit of their living existence, which can be unfathomably bright.

That draws our attention, so we don't even notice unimportant details. The camera doesn't see like we see though, and the photograph it produces cannot capture the experience of seeing someone face to face.

Instead the camera brutally captures everything that an eye without a human brain perceives, and conspicuously documents unimportant details. Airbrushing and photo shopping make the photo more like real experience.

Unless you think you'd be noticing this Victoria Secret model's pores if you were face to face with her.

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