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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

You Can Do Better Than Outrage

Outrage is addictive because it burns hot and it feels good, at least for a minute.

But it burns fast.

And then you need your next hit.

And after a while it starts to feel bad.

But now it's an addiction.

And we keep coming back to it.

Most of the time we are uselessly outraged about things outside our sphere of influence.

Our outrage is mostly impotent.

Which makes us feel not just angry, but weak and powerless.

Instead we can make a choice to see all of the opportunities we have each day to exercise our honesty, courage, humor, and kindness instead.

Those actually feel much better than outrage. It's usually better to be cool than hot.

And these are ways we can do something to influence the world within our reach and make what's in front of us better.

And instead of burning us out and leaving us dissatisfied, these give us strength and empower us.

Life is too short to spend angry about things we can't influence, while ignoring our own personal opportunities to bloom.

-Thus speaks the humble libertarian

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