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Monday, February 5, 2018

About The Humble Libertarian

Wes Messamore– after growing up in the American Midwest, where he played war games with his childhood friends under the shadow of Cold War era military installations– once flew a Cessna T-37 "Tweet" in 2006 at Columbus Air Force Base as a distinguished cadet in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

After that soaring experience he still walked away from half a million dollars in college scholarship money, salary, training, and benefits from the U.S. Air Force, when he felt his conscience telling him that he could not be interested in war for long.

His premonitions turned out to be true. Two years later he was volunteering for the conservative antiwar presidential campaign of Republican congressman Ron Paul, and started The Humble Libertarian blog in 2008 to publicize libertarian news and write original essays outlining his libertarian political views– and also to try to understand the New York Times' effect on man.

He eventually even got to meet Ron Paul himself.

In 2009 Wes heeded Rick Santelli's call and supported the Tea Party movement, showing up to the first round of Tea Party protests dressed as an American Indian just like the Sons of Liberty did to disguise themselves for the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor in 1773, a reminder to the protesters that the original Tea Party was a bold and dangerous act.

Wes also tea bagged Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Later that year he used The Humble Libertarian as a platform to plan, organize, and promote the very first online fundraiser for the possible U.S. Senate bid of Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul, which raised $25,000 in one day, drawing media attention throughout Kentucky and interest from Ron Paul activists nationwide.

Rand Paul, a Bowling Green eye surgeon and the Tea Party candidate in Kentucky's 2010 Senate race, would go on to win the seat despite fierce opposition from the GOP establishment.

Wes also helped organize Rand Paul's second online fundraiser (which Ron Paul activists had dubbed "money bombs"), including picking the date of August 20, 2009 (Ron Paul's birthday), which raised over $430,000 in small online donations from libertarians around the country in a 24 hour period; then in 2010 Wes joined several volunteers in sign waving events throughout Kentucky and in door knocking campaigns to advocate for Rand Paul.

He interned with Young Americans for Liberty that summer in Washington DC in a tiny leased office of the Leadership Institute across the street from the Defense Intelligence Agency in Clarendon, and lived in Crystal City, Arlington. That fall he was asked to MC the Tenth Amendment Center's Nullify Now conference in Chattanooga and graciously accepted.

During that time he scraped together a living any way he could– odd jobs, waiting tables, freelance web design, search engine optimization, and writing, and e-commerce.

He also started traveling around the world in 2011, staying with friends and family all over the states, Europe, and Asia.

In one year Wes skied the continental divide in Loveland, Colorado, roller bladed over the cobblestone streets of Paris, sang karaoke in a dive bar in Vienna, Austria, scaled a steep mountain to enter a hidden Buddhist temple in a cliff side cave in Seoraksan, South Korea, and still had time to meet Andrew Breitbart and shake his hand before his untimely death.

In 2012, Wes spent most of the year as the Editor in Chief of the San Diego-based Independent Voter Network, managing the contributions of over a hundred writers, managing a staff of two other full time editors as well as part time assistant editors. He had been writing a twice weekly column for IVN since 2009.

After the 2012 election, Wes decided he wanted to retire from any involvement in politics and find a new vocation, but he found his attempts at starting a web development business were half-hearted. He could not deny his manifest destiny.

After writing five viral articles for the fledgling (then PolicyMic) in 2013 (including one that was tweeted by Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Michael Moore on the same day), despite outperforming their average article metrics by far, Wes was rejected by the millennial-focused, Brooklyn-based media startup, for being too libertarian, too anti-gun control, and also because "You constantly refer to Biden and the Obama administration as 'the regime' - this feels too much."

It was the final straw. Wes made a complete break from politics and went into automotive sales at a major regional volume dealership to hone his sales ability in a high pressure, high dollar retail space, and moved over ten million dollars worth of new Toyotas and used cars and trucks of every make in 32 months.

But in 2016, Wes felt an incredible burden on his conscience. He had spoken out publicly with so much articulation and passion against the Democrats' regime under Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid from 2008 - 2013. Would he remain silent as the Republicans committed the same violations of liberty under Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell?

He could not. Through great pains, he left the dealership and began working in earnest on The Humble Libertarian, with the aim of making it his primary occupation for the foreseeable future.

It seems he spent the first part of his life creating something, that for the second part of his life will create him.

Wes currently lives in Nashville with his wife, Meiska...

...and their son, Julian.

Researching and writing a blog like this takes a lot of work, but it's what I live for. Please consider supporting me on Patreon or leaving a tip. Thank you! -Wes

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