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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Do We Even Know What We're Doing?

I think our society and media has commoditized and abused the hell out of these high school shooting victims it has wittingly participated in turning into political celebrities after they’ve been through something like this.

It’s not about helping them exercise their free speech you marauding wolves; it’s about exploiting them and our shock, pity, and morbid curiosity, along with the thick complex of our political(ized) pathologies to get the most page views and highest ratings and every ad dollar possible, and ironically, all the money this is making the gun industry in free advertising and catalyzing the emotions and fears of gun and ammo buyers.

It’s just all around- a giant word-that-starts-with-cluster of utterly petty and decadent motivations, the worst sins of our society, writ large these few weeks- uncontrollably, uncontrolled by the best within us.

I bet when they’re grown up many of these kids will not hate all the grown ups in America today for the unthinkable tragedy that happened to them, but for wringing their poor, traumatized little souls out and grinding them up for every last god damn dime afterward.

This is why a lot of Americans like the term fake news. And I’m not amused about it. I just feel so bad for all of us and hope we’ll learn.

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