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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Free Business Ideas #001 - A Strong Phone And Decentralized Cellular Network

(Difficulty level: Extreme.
Potential reward: God tier.)

So your phone's smart.

And it is.

And it is amazing.

And it has changed our lives.

But it can be better.

It can be a strong phone.

A strong phone isn't just smart.

It's strong.


But seriously,

my idea is a phone that

has a transparent shell

with hard switches that

you can visibly see open

and close physical circuits

that connect the power source

to the camera, mic, gps, etc.

that way you know they cannot

be remotely activated.

That would be pretty strong.

Include a free bitcoin wallet.

Something strong ;)

Now as for a decentralized

cellular network.

I would need someone above

my pay grade on engineering

to conceive what that would

mean and how it would be implemented.

But you would change the entire world

and remake it in your own image.