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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Libertarians Are Winning So Stop Asking Why They Aren't!

There are a lot of libertarians out there asking: Why don't libertarians ever win?

And ppl mocking us. Calling us losertarians.

And I'm saying:

Hold up, buddy–
what'd you just say?
I didn't catch that.

I was just taking a hit off this fat blunt that is completely legal in 30 states including the District of Columbia.

(It's about to be mushrooms next.)

What were you saying?

Because from where I'm standing,
it looks like it's been nothing but net for libertarians since 2007!

For real

Maybe since before that.

Then why aren't there any libertarians elected to office?

You're saying libertarians are losing because we haven't had success getting ppl elected to government?

You know we're against the government right?

That's like saying rappers are losing because no rappers are wearing their pants up around their waist.

They are opposed to that on principle.

It's like saying vegans are losing because there aren't any on the board of directors for Outback Steakhouse. They are losing, but that's not why.

This is:

It's what's for dinner bitch.

But what about the
Libertarian Party?

Okay you want to talk about the Libertarian Party? I'd be happy to.

They got 4.5 million votes for their U.S. presidential candidate in 2016.

That's four times more votes than they have ever had since the Libertarian Party was started in 1971.

In the same year the (D)s and (R)s had their lowest voter turnout since they tried running Bob Dole.

Yeah I know it was still less than the two Big Government parties...

But follow the trend lines.
They are bleeding voters.

While the Libertarian Party
is getting swole.

And since 1980 the only way to get elected president has been to sound as libertarian as possible and trick voters into electing you.

Because the world gave big government an honest try for about a century and are finally sick of this shit.

And libertarians warned you that the two parties were completely rotten.

And I've been watching along with you as they publicly implode in real time on your phone, and lmfao.

2016 was sweet, sweet
vindication for libertarians.

It validated everything we've been saying about government and politics.

And don't forget the freak that won in 2016 did it by cribbing all of Ron Paul's talking points from 2008.

And with a ton of help
from two libertarians:

Alex Jones and
Stefan Molyneux.

So libertarians are winning so hard that two major libertarians have already sold out and gone pop.

POP! Go the weasels cuz the weasels went pop!

But don't worry–
The Humble Libertarian
won't be selling out.

Libertarianism has so
much upside left in it.
I'm hodling until I die.

Speaking of which...

Libertarians have been
Trying to #EndTheFed
Since at least Ron Paul.

Well we've done it!

We've unfucked the entire system already with the creation of a free market money alternative to the Federal Reserve Dollar.

Now it's only a matter
of time. It won't be long.

There is no development that will do more to reshape the entire order than the creation of the decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency.

A lot of libertarians turned ten dollars into a million in about five years. Literally.

I'll let you do the math for the libertarians that invested a thousand.

Since 2009, many libertarians have already made vast fortunes that will last generations.

Libertarians are getting rich off of absolutely fucking kneecapping the U.S. federal government, breaking its corrupt monopoly on money.

Which is why I'm telling any libertarians who will open their eyes a little to see what's going on...

Don't fuck around with the Libertarian Party, the Republicans, or electoral politics. Get into tech!

That's where the real
revolution is happening.

Cryptocurrency and other
tech developments are
unseating the tyrants.

Not politicians.

Meanwhile you've got some badass libertarians like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden spilling all the governments' secrets to us.

Pulling down the government's pants and showing you everything.

Pulling back the curtain and saying, hold the fuck up, look at this shit!

And now the world's governments are all on notice that none of their secrets are safe.

And you can bet that's had a chilling effect on the world's governments' more nefarious activities.

Libertarians are saving lives, mother fucker. Preventing wars.
Keeping people from getting tortured.

In a few years, we've gone from libertarians being paranoid that the government is
watching them–

To the government being paranoid that libertarians are watching them.

I mean seriously,
how much harder do libertarians have to win for people to open their eyes and STFU with why aren't libertarians winning?

What else do I have to tell you about to convince you #libertariansAreWinning?

Do I have to tell you about how libertarians have won more and more freedom for gun owners?

From the U.S. Supreme Court's Heller decision in 2008, to the McDonald case in 2010, to the Woolard ruling in 2012?

Or how Cody Wilson made any future attempts at gun control impossible forever by creating 3D printable CAD files for guns and gun parts?

How's that national conversation going?

Do I have to point out how there's no more sodomy laws in America, so you can fuck whoever you want, however you want, in your own house, without the goddamn morality police hitting you with some Taliban shit?

And how gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states and hardcore porn is still protected free speech?

Surely I don't have to point out that one practicing clinical psychologist and University of Toronto philosophy professor has rallied half the Internet around him in his bid to turn the tide against the radical socialists who have been infecting academia like a cancer for decades.


He's like Ayn Rand and
C. S. Lewis combined.


Get used to it. And learn what we're about.

And maybe join the party and get in on the fun.

The future belongs to you because of what libertarians are doing.