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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Name The Gun Identification Quiz: Who Can Name All Of The Guns In These Pics?

Whoever can name all the guns pictured wins.... being a total nerd.

Weird huh?

I bet a lot of people don't think of it that way, but people who are really into guns– gun nuts– are total nerds.

They're gun nerds.

And they definitely are nerds.

I've seen 'em.

I know what these nerds are like.

They're very nerdy.

About guns.

It's a lot of fun to shoot guns with them! lol

I'm not one of them by the way.

I'm not a gun nut.

I don't have a super personal stake in this other than as a strict constitutionalist, an avid distruster of the U.S. federal government, and an avid truster of my fellow Americans.

But I know some of you are.

What guns are the ladies above holding from left to right? Does anybody know?

If you can name all of those and all of the guns in the following pics you win! Nerd!

Extra points if you can tell me any interesting facts about them.

Okay so what gun is she holding? On some kind of Planet of the Apes set. Lol

Okay, name the kind of pistol.

Alright! What's she shooting?

Damn I would love for fem Boba Fett to just take me captive in her Slave I space ship, but we start to fall in love with each other, and she still doesn't trust me because I'm her prisoner, but she does sweet things for me like chew up my food for me and spit it into my mouth like a mama bird taking care of a baby bird...

But one day we just can't take it any more and she unshackles my wrists and legs, and, but first she does this sexy striptease while I'm still shackled up dude, and starts kissing me and I kiss her back, and then she unshackles me and we just go wild together. Mmmm.

Anyway– that's a real gun from our universe she's holding right? What is it?

Okay damn, she looks terrifying.

I sure as fuck would not want to fight her.

What gun is she carrying?

Okay what's this honey got in her hands?

What's this little cutie shooting?

Oh damn. What's she holding?

Oh NO! She's really going to have to use that thing!



That little girl is too cute to be putting in harm's way! We live in a crazy world.

Okay what's she carrying?

Okay what are those?

What's this Wolverine from Red Dawn gonna be shooting when she gets her battle on?

I'm going to feel so stupid if libertarians abolish the entire federal government and then America actually gets invaded by Russians and Nicaraguans.

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