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Thursday, March 29, 2018

This Is The United States Vol #007 - ICE Is Going To Start Detaining Pregnant Women

From CNN:

The Trump administration will no longer seek to automatically release pregnant immigrants from detention -- a move in line with the overall efforts by the administration to hold far more immigrants in custody than its predecessors.

The change in policy could pave the way for more pregnant women to be held in detention facilities while they await lengthy court proceedings about whether they can stay in the US, facilities that are already decried by critics for tough conditions.

The decision comes as immigration advocates have assailed the administration's efforts to hold more immigrants in detention writ large and its increased arrest of noncriminal immigrants.

This is evil.

And conservatives since the weekend have been drawing comparisons between March for Our Lives and Nazi gun control laws... but what Trump's doing is a lot more like the Third Reich than anything these polite, gunless Democrats have accomplished.

It's not good.

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