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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Top 100 Libertarian Movies #002 - Total Recall

This movie was way ahead of its time and very libertarian.

You've got future California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (lol at that still all these years later! haha ha ha haha!) playing Douglas Quaid, a construction worker who ends up pursued throughout the movie by "the Agency."

Central Intelligence Agency???? 😱

(By the way, Trigger Warning:

Rated-R violence ahead...)

Looming in the background of the movie is an endless inter planetary military quagmire in a foreign land (Mars) between the government and rebels over buried resources (alien tech).

And the movie came out just before the first Iraq War.

It came out in 1990 and features a shoot out scene at basically a TSA check point, and Quaid even runs through basically a TSA x-ray body scanner and it detects his gun.

And Quaid takes a self driving car with a voice assistant, something that Google does both of today in reality, but was science fiction at the time just as recently as 1990.

Also in an amazing scene reminiscent of both Inception and The Matrix (except in this scene swallowing the Red Pill sends Quaid back to his normal life as a tax payer and upstanding citizen), Quaid has to decide what he believes is real.

There's also this– "Clever girl" lol:

Speaking of Inception, people also wonder about this movie: Was it real or all just a dream that he actually paid for as a memory implant of an exciting vacation at the beginning of the movie?

Well this settles it:

Many people have suggested the possibility that the science fiction author Philip K. Dick, who wrote the short story Total Recall was based on ("We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" April 1966)– and was paranoid and had vivid hallucinations– was a clairvoyant who actually had visions of the future.

Also Total Recall is famous for the scene with the three breasted Martian mutant:

Such an awesome movie!

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