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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What Ayn Rand Had to Say About The United Nations

'The U.N. has delivered a larger part of the globe’s surface and population into the power of Soviet Russia than Russia could ever hope to conquer by armed force.

An institution allegedly formed for the purpose of using the united might of the world to stop an aggressor, has become means of using the united might of the world to force the surrender of one helpless country after another into the aggressor’s power.

Who, but a concrete-bound epistemological savage, could have expected any other results from such an “experiment in collaboration”? What would you expect from a crime-fighting committee whose board of directors included the leading gangsters of the community?'

See how Ayn Rand uses the word savage?

In the most savage way possible.

She calls people who support the U.N. concrete-bound epistemological savages. And she's right.

You've almost got to be lacking a moral compass or something not to notice and think it's weird that you're forming the world's police with one of the world's most prolifically violent governments.

Now she'd be totally woke if she was willing to apply those same moral principles to the prolific violence of Western governments in the 20th Century, which has continued into the 21st century.

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