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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Donald Trump Does Not Get Credit For This, North Korea Does

Dude I'm seeing libertarians everywhere with at best a very superficial understanding of what's happening in Korea falling all over themselves to give Donald Trump props for what appears to be the imminent end of the Korean War.

Are you kidding me?

This is like typical political partisans who watch cable news media and read TIME magazine and interpret all of history in terms of who's POTUS. Economy up– "POTUS is doing a great job!" Economy down– "it's the POTUS's fault!" Democrat beats a Republican in a special election in a small Republican state after multiple women accuse him of molesting them? "Americans are already tired of the new Republican POTUS!" Insanity.

This is the most idiotic possible way to try to understand any political or historical event. It is for the sheep. For the unquestioning masses who believe that the Matrix of televised electoral and political drama is reality. It is not. The POTUS is a television character to keep you entertained, a lightning rod that draws your attention away from the systemic workings of U.S. military-monetary hegemony. Even your hatred for the POTUS helps serve the system. It's evil genius level design.

Want to know the real reason this is happening now?

Could it be any more obvious?

Especially to libertarians?

This historic moment is happening because the North Korean regime and scientists/engineers were so impressively successful in their nuclear and missile programs. They created working nuclear bombs and the ability to deploy them with devastating consequences to the American population so fast they surprised everyone including Donald Trump and the U.S. intelligence agencies he was getting his information from.

Now that North Korea has proven it can fire a nuke and hit One Microsoft Way, it can actually sit down at the negotiating table to peace talks from a position of strength, instead of accepting whatever terms are offered by the satellite state of the world's one remaining military superpower, which has conducted annual practice invasions of North Korea for years.

And actually did once unleash fire and fury like the world has never seen on the North Koreans civilian population, murdering over three million Korean civilians in a war and carpet bombing campaign that dropped more ordnance on Korean apartment buildings and neighborhoods than the U.S. dropped on the entire Pacific Theater against Japan in World War II.

North Korea lost 20 percent of its population to war in three years.

For a sense of scale, that's how much of Poland's prewar population was exterminated by Nazi Germany. Or just imagine one in five people you know dead in three years.

"The Forgotten War"
America forgot all about what the U.S. did in North Korea.
And I'll take your money all day if you wanna bet me that the U.S.
will ever admit what it did was a crime against humanity and apologize.

When a stunned U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
visited North Korea in 1952, he confessed,
"I had seen the war-battered cities of Europe,
but I had not seen devastation until I had seen Korea.”

And you think the U.S. gave Rosa Parks a hard time in the 50s.

And that's why Donald Trump gets no credit for this. The damn fool kept putting pressure on the latest nation to join the nuclear community, a nation that is completely justifiably paranoid and mistrustful of the world. We are all very lucky that this liberal television entertainment personality from New York City with no sense of history didn't tweet us right into a nuclear catastrophe.

By the book he's done everything exactly the wrong way. And we're just lucky it didn't turn out worse because of Trump.

The reason peace is about to break out in Korea is because North Korea exercised its right to bear arms to protect itself from the U.S. government, something that should be understandable to a majority of Americans who don't trust their own government further than they can keep them in the scope of an assault rifle.

(Consider this a TITUS, Vol #012.)

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