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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Laughing Spanish Man Discusses Channel4News Interview with Jordan B Peterson

"It's better to have lobbed and lost...Oh you fucking genius...I love you. I love language, endlessly amusing, so blissful really. Thank you. Have to watch it again, that'll be 5 times."

"The best meme about the debate so far."

"I laughed maniacally ... that was so good my man !!!!"

"Best thing I have watched in a long time, haven't laughed so much in ages..."

"i've spoken with the lobsters and they approve of this video"

"This is a work of art."

"One negative vote, that must be Cathy =)))"

"When you speak Spanish this sucks"

"The memes are already coming in dank this year!"

Jordan Peterson's Channel 4 Interview with Cathy Newman

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