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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Quantic - 5th Exotic (Full Album)

00:00 01. Introduction
00:43 02. The 5th Exotic
04:51 03. Snakes in the Grass
10:03 04. Infinite Regression
13:24 05. Life in the Rain
19:57 06. Long Road Ahead
23:45 07. Common Knowledge
29:58 08. The Picture Inside
34:11 09. Through These Eyes
39:32 10. Time is the Enemy
43:12 11. In the Key of Blue
50:05 12. Meaning

This is the debut album from multi talented musician and producer Quantic. Having just turned 21 years old at the time of completion, this album was a positive indication of things to follow. Like the Bonobo album ‘Animal Magic’, this entire album was recorded in the writers’ bedroom - showing that DIY culture is strong and healthy in the UK and that good creative music can successfully be made and released to an appreciative audience without unnecessary hype. 'The 5th Exotic’ combines a variety of influences from jazz to soul to funk to hip hop.

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