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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Humble Libertarian Gift Shop #001 - Hand Made Craft Soap From A Local Farm in Tennessee

it feels great
just to let go
of everything.

So treat yourself to this really nice hand-made craft soap from a local farm / microbrewery in my home state of Tennessee.

Little Seed Farm
Lemongrass Basil
Beer Soap 4.7oz

Made by hand with:
fresh goat's milk
organic olive oil
organic coconut oil
Essential Oils
Jackalope's Thunder Ann Beer
Whole Hop Leaves
sodium hydroxide

No artificial
or fragrances!

So wth is

It's lye
, guy!

It's lye.

Well what were you expecting me to endorse?

Nutritional supplements like Alex Jones?

EXACT SAME Just a little redder! rofl
I like how Alex is sucking in his stomach for both pictures lolol.
Dude you're supposed to look fat in the before pic genius.

Nah man.

I'm not doing that.

I bet that stuff will make your blood pressure as high as AJ's while he's talking about the Bilderberg Group.

I want to endorse a local soap company.

Soap is something everyone needs...

For you to start using more of every day.

Lol, sorry couldn't resist that.

Probably true tho.


Sorry, sorry.

Couldn't help myself.

But seriously–

Everyone buys soap on a regular basis.

Why not buy yours from a libertarian blog you support, and get a really nice, hand-made soap from a locally owned business?

BTW, carrying their products in my shop does not imply an endorsement of my ideas by the makers of this soap.

They don't know who I am.

I make no money off of Little Seed Farm by endorsing them either. Amazon sends me a penny. I just want to tell you about this amazing soap!

That's also how you know this is a sincere endorsement of their soap. They didn't come seeking me out to advertise.

I just really like this soap, and that it's made by a locally-owned small business:

Little Seed Farm
Lemongrass Basil
Beer Soap 4.7oz

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