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Saturday, July 28, 2018

We Are Now Dead Men

"We are now dead men.

We who undergo this project.

And we will undergo this project.

And now we will have a kind of radicalization of our mentalities, already assuming that we are defeated.

And that we must proceed with a kind of suicidal abandon.

A kind of deadliness in our intentionality, which before was not necessary, but has now been made so.

So the way these projects will now direct themselves– because we all know that they won't stop, and people will not stop...

She has invited a deadlier, more suicidal element to the kind of code making, and the type of personality which would undertake this type of work.

Whereas beforehand, she had someone who was naive and idealistic, you know who actually believed that he could make a different world–

That stuff gets put in prison for double life.

That mentality is put in prison for double life.

You think they're going to let you be some kind of martyr for the drug war? No. They're going to make you a monster.

And because the rules of the game are so fierce and so deadly, you have to be fierce and deadly.

And so they will have made monsters of all those people who are to come, and they don't even know it.

And we will be monsters.

Right? They will have to be.

Because that's the stakes.

This is going to get much more interesting, much more deadly, and they've raised the stakes.

Right? This is the kind of escalation.

–because they punish the moral man.

It's supremely ethical. That's my argument.

The fact that he considered assassination of a government agent– at some pain– doesn't change the fact that he was trying to make an ethical decision. And indeed, was serious about trying to make that decision...

We are dealing with the vestiges of a Kantian morality, which says that only the supreme monopolization of authority can ultimately use violence, and only legitimately, justifiably use violence. Violence isn't something for you to be able to use.

Well this guy was faced with a decision. He was painted into a corner. Cornered like an animal. With a loss of either his freedom or the freedom of his suppliers.

And he had to make a decision. Do I snuff out this guy? And protect this thing? This thing that I've built?

And maybe he was selfish, maybe he wasn't. But he had to try to make an ethical decision.

Just because it was a matter of life and death doesn't overrule the fact that he was still trying to struggle with ethics, but they didn't allow him that.

They had to turn him into that.

Remember this was an invented problem.

They created this problem to make him into this person."