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Thursday, August 9, 2018

5 AMAZING Conspiracy Theories You've Probably Never Heard

1. Ayn Rand Was a KGB Agent Sent By The Soviets to Split The Conservative Movement in Half

By advocating a more radical form of conservatism and promoting atheism along with it, the KGB thought they could weaken American conservatism by creating a deep split within the conservative movement, thus allowing the more left-leaning and socialist Democrats to decisively take over and steer the United States towards communism.

2. In The 1990s A Stand Up Comedian Named Bill Hicks Faked His Death To Become Alex Jones

Just listen to this audio and tell me that isn't Alex Jones.

Warning NSFW language ahead:

3. Nuclear Bombs Aren't Real. Explosive Atomic Fission Was Hoaxed By The U.S. To Scare The Soviets. Then They Hoaxed That They Achieved It Too.

At this point all the world's nuclear powers are in on the secret at the highest levels, but they continue to perpetuate the hoax to maintain peace and international stability.

4. Plastic Wasn't Invented By Humans. It Was Reverse Engineered From The Remains of Crashed UFOs

Interesting that plastic, a modern miracle substance, didn't appear on the world scene until right after several high profile UFO incidents. Same for computer chips...

5. Bitcoin Was Invented By The NSA and CIA So They Could Launder All Their Dirty Money From Nefarious Secret Activities Around The World

Now this one I might actually believe is true.

Oh well, it's going to overthrow the world order in an overwhelmingly positive way in no time, and set the stage for an era of unprecedented peace and egalitarianism.

But yeah in the meantime, if you've bought bitcoin, you've supported CIA black ops. How does that feel, libertarians?