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Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Truckbed Full of Dead Children (Graphic Photos and Video)

The U.S. military industrial complex is all too enthusiastically helping the government of Saudi Arabia massacre civilians and children in one of the world's poorest countries, Yemen.

As multiple Silicon Valley tech giants coordinated a blanket ban of Alex Jones across their social media platforms for "glorifying violence," the Saudi government, a client state of the Western military industrial complex with firm backing from the U.S. federal government, actually did violence to a crowded market full of innocent civilians going about their business.

In fact, the airstrike deliberately targeted a school bus (via memeorandum) in a public marketplace carrying children home from summer school, resulting in 43 dead, 63 wounded.

This is a blatant act of terrorism and a crime against humanity, brazenly committed by a coalition of the world's governments.

Reuters will shows you some very sad pictures in its report linked to above, like this following picture of a boy injured in the attack, but even these are sanitized compared to what some human rights activists in Yemen have shared on social media.

Here's what else the Saudi government just accomplished:

As Daniel Larison writes at The American Conservative...
(hat tip: memeorandum):

'Coalition attacks on Yemeni markets are unfortunately all too common. The Saudis and their allies know they can strike civilian targets with impunity because the Western governments that arm and support them never call them out for what they do. The U.S. continues to arm and refuel coalition planes despite ample evidence that the coalition has been deliberately attacking civilian targets.

At the very least, the coalition hits civilian targets with such regularity that they are ignoring whatever procedures they are supposed to be following to prevent that. The weapons that the U.S., Britain, and other arms suppliers provide them are being used to slaughter wedding-goers, hospital patients, and schoolchildren, and U.S. refueling of coalition planes allows them to carry out more of these attacks than they otherwise could. Today’s attack ranks as one of the worst.

Saada has come under some of the most intense attacks from the coalition bombing campaign. The coalition illegally declared the entire area a military target three years ago, and ever since they have been blowing up homes, markets, schools, water treatment systems, and hospitals without any regard for the innocent civilians that are killed and injured.

The official U.S. line on support for the war is that even more civilians would be killed if the U.S. weren’t supporting the coalition. Our government has never provided any evidence to support this, and the record shows that civilian casualties from Saudi coalition airstrikes have increased over the last year. The Saudis and their allies either don’t listen to any of the advice they’re receiving, or they know they won’t pay any price for ignoring it. As long as the U.S. arms and refuels coalition planes while they slaughter Yemeni civilians in attacks like this one, our government is implicated in the war crimes enabled by our unstinting military assistance. Congress can and must halt that assistance immediately.'

This is the warped state of the modern, Western mind.

Our biggest corporations will take symbolic actions against violence by banning the social media channels of an independent media outlet for allegedly "glorifying violence," but will continue to host the U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Defense's social media channels, which are the institutionalization of violence itself, and which not only glorify and justify violence with never-ending propaganda, but which actually perpetuate it themselves, often against the world's most poor and vulnerable people, and for the benefit, enrichment, and empowerment of the world's most entrenched and exploitative elite.

Interestingly enough, Alex Jones' websites have been frequent commentators and critics of the increasingly more violent U.S.-backed campaign of Saudi massacres in Yemen:

This is what gets taken down for glorifying violence.

And for dehumanizing language toward Muslims.

I think it's time for Western liberals to take a hard look at themselves and consider that Alex Jones is far more of a compassionate humanitarian than they are.