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Friday, August 17, 2018

Gary Johnson Is Not A Real Libertarian

He's a less handsome and less polished Mitt Romney.

Settle down. I'm not being mean.

Come on. Who's more handsome than Mitt?


What a sweet piece of Mormon

But Gary Johnson is not a real libertarian.

He's a competent manager of government.

That's how he got elected and reelected as a Republican to govern the state of New Mexico.

That's how he represented himself as the Libertarian Party candidate in the presidential races of 2012 and 2016.

A competent manager of government.

And he was a very competent manager in NM.

He displayed the rare ability to unflinchingly say no to all the legislature's bright ideas and really mean it. Over and over again. In the face of relentless opposition from the incredible force of inertia to keep stealing more for the government.

So don't misunderstand me. I'm not trying to disparage or belittle Gary Johnson with this post. He deserves the lion's share of respect as a remarkable human being, and an unusually– very laudably– tough and uncompromising politician.

But Gary Johnson is not a real libertarian.

Libertarian comedian Dave Smith summarized it perfectly back in 2016 on the Joe Rogan Experience:

"I just feel like Gary Johnson has this way of selling libertarianism as this kind of like:

'Well you know it's more practical if we do it the libertarian way.'

You know when he's asked about the wars, he'll say things like:

'I think if you look on average, these military interventions have hurt more than they've helped.'

That's not necessarily incorrect.

It's just like, who would talk about mass murder that way? It's like talking about slavery, and you're like:

'Well I just think overall, this is an inefficient way to get cotton.'

It's like Jesus, dude! And you're head abolitionist? Really? You're supposed to represent the abolitionist movement with that attitude?"

If you want to watch it for yourself Dave does a pretty good Gary Johnson impression. It's in the first 5 mins of this segment:

When Gary Johnson announced he'd be joining the 2018 Senate race Thursday, he went on Fox News and railed against the trillion dollar deficits. My man, that is some 2010 talk right there.

That is not going to work for you in 2018, in a two to one Democratic state that likes the trillion dollar budgets.

People don't even understand what a trillion is.

We can't wrap our brains around such a big number.

It has no emotional impact whatsoever.

People don't even understand what a billion is. Most people have no sense of scale for how much bigger a billion is than a million.

Put it to you this way...

A million minutes ago it was September 22, 2016.

So what do you reckon?

What year was it a billion minutes ago?

It was the year 116 AD.

And we're still doing this empire shit

A Libertarian Message

I'm not suggesting Gary Johnson should compromise his principles or water down his message to win the election.

I'm actually saying his libertarian message is too watered down to win or make a difference in the world.

This talk about the trillion dollar budgets are out of control...

That's competent manager Gary Johnson.

Not libertarian Gary Johnson.

And at this time of urgent moral crisis in the world, we don't need a competent manager. We need a courageous leader, a moral authority, a voice of conscience. We need libertarianism.

And the people want it.

They are almost always smarter, and better, than anyone gives them credit for, and they are ready for libertarianism.

If Gary Johnson wants to win in New Mexico, but more importantly, if he wants to be a relevant force at this time in history, what he should do is run a campaign of conscience.

Welcome to The USSA

He should tell the residents of New Mexico what they already know, that their federal government in Washington has become the evil empire that Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union.

He should point out the monstrosity of U.S. foreign policy, how "in Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA," how the U.S. continues to back Saudi Arabia's war crimes in Yemen, how children and innocent people keep dying in U.S. drone strikes all over Africa and the Middle East, how Donald Trump called for withdrawing from Afghanistan before becoming president, then as president sent thousands more U.S. soldiers to fight in an endless foreign civil war halfway around the world.

He should point out how the U.S. government continues to keep Julian Assange pinned to the inside of the Ecuadorian embassy in London six years now for the "crime" of doing actually relevant journalism and keeping the American people informed about what the most powerful people in their government are up to.

He should rail against how lawless this government has become, how flagrantly it violates its own rules, its own Constitution, on a daily basis, and spies on the American people as if we're the enemy too, through secret NSA programs and the unconstitutional Patriot Act, all in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. He should point out how we are now nearly two decades into the daily, humiliating, and illegal practice of stopping and searching every single person who wants to get on a commercial airline, without a warrant from a judge, also in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

He should talk about how millions of people remain confined in prison (as many at least as were sent to the Soviet Gulag) like animals or the most violent criminals for non-violent "crimes" like having some marijuana leaves in their pocket, and making their own choice about what to do with their own body, and their own brain, on their own time, in their own house, that they paid for, while Big Pharma with all its billions and lobbying dollars continues to advertise to parents to get their young children high on amphetamine salts so they'll sit still in class instead of just letting them run that energy off on the playground.

I want to see more of this Gary Johnson...

This Gary Johnson is a real libertarian:

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