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Saturday, August 18, 2018

If You Work For The Government You Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote

There's a plot brewing among American conservatives to call an Article V Constitutional Convention– the first since 1787– and make some "radical" changes to dramatically restrict the power of the federal government:

"On the agenda for Convention of States: an amendment to require a balanced budget, term limits for congress, repealing the federal income tax and giving states the power to veto any federal law, supreme court decision or executive order with a three-fifths vote from the states."

Oh sure, like a balanced budget amendment would restrain Washington. Fine, they'll just raise taxes then.

Or they'll bury the hundreds of pages of these lobbyist-written appropriations bills with all kinds of accounting tricks to massage the numbers and keep holding the pedal to the metal on the whole federal system, full steam ahead toward the cliff's edge.

Repealing the income tax? They'll still find a way to stick it to the most productive members of society and make them pay for the loafers, the incompetent, and the hopelessly botched.

They'll institute a national sales tax, or real estate taxes, or massive tariffs, or– God help us– a brutal VAT.

You think state veto power will go anywhere? We already have the Tenth Amendment, but the Civil War pretty much settled it, that the states are not voluntary participants in the federal system as they thought they would be, but mere vassals.

The federal government has already violated the Tenth Amendment in so many ways on an ongoing basis at this point, there are entire cabinet level departments with trillion dollar budgets that Article I Section 8 and the Tenth Amendment together should have been enough to stop.

And term limits. Oh term limits. The eternal shibboleth of the pretend limited government crowd in America.

You think there's not an endless line of big government patsies to take the place of the last one when her term's up?

If they want to have a real radical Constitutional Convention, they should pass an amendment to make federal government employees ineligible to vote, with respect to federal elections, for the duration of their employment.

The text of the Qualified Suffrage Amendment could read something like:

Article 28 - "Employees of the federal government shall not be eligible for the duration of their employment plus four years to vote in U.S. federal elections."

Folks, there are two kind of people when it comes to the federal government– those who are paying for it and those who are getting paid out of it. And the ones who are paying for it should be the ones who get to decide how it's spent. Those who are getting paid out of it have a glaring conflict of interests.

B- b- b- but federal employees pay taxes on their income!

Yeah. They pay taxes– out of income that came from taxes!

That's like nine guys pulling a wagon with another guy on top of it, and the guy on top of it is pulling on the wagon, saying "See? I'm pulling too!" No you're not bro! You're getting pulled.

That's like me pouring someone a beer out of my own pitcher, and they take a big swig and spit it back into their own cup and say, "See? I helped add some beer to the cup too!" No. You didn't.

The United States is a democracy.

We outnumber federal employees.

We can do this.

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