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Monday, December 3, 2018

2018 American Silver Eagle (1 oz) Five Coins Brilliant Uncirculated

Save a little of your wealth in brilliant, inflation-proof* silver coins.

Ron Paul Takes The NASDAQ Apart

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Since 2008 the Federal Reserve, which has been the One Bank to Rule Them All since 1913, has created 4 new $USD for every 1 $USD in existence ten years ago, and just given that money to banks to lend out, a radical experiment of monetary brinksmanship with an unparalleled amount of money in world history.

When Ron Paul predicted on CNBC in April 2017 that this unprecedented redistribution of wealth disguised as monetary policy will cause another stock market bubble––

The CNBC anchor posed the following question:

"The NASDAQ as you know has hit 6000.

You're still a believer in gold.

How do you explain the stock market's strength and are you still sticking by gold, Dr. Paul?"

Ron Paul pointed out:

"All you have to do is go back to the year 2000, and the Nasdaq was at 5,000.

And now it's all the way up to 6,000, after what, 17 years?"

Ron Paul continued:

"Gold back then was less than $300, and it's $1,200. So I would say gold has done very, very well in that period of time.

And besides– the 20% increase in the Nasdaq– if you discount for the inflation, that's not the greatest investment in the world."

Over that same time period, while gold quadrupled in value, silver tripled in value, from around $5USD/oz in 2000 to about $15USD/oz today (peaking at $42USD/oz in 2011).

*I'm not giving financial advice and it's impossible for me to predict the future or make guarantees–– run from anyone who does.

But my personal opinion is:

I think buying American coin silver is a fun, easy, and smart way to save some of your money for the future.

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