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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Carl Jung and the Spiritual Problem of the Modern Individual

By: The Academy of Ideas

In this video The Academy of Ideas examines Carl Jung's insights on what he called a spiritual problem, which afflicts many people today. Jung believed the rise of State power is a by-product of the proliferation of the spiritual problem affecting the modern world.

A very libertarian Carl Jung quote:

"Instead of the concrete individual, you have the names of organizations and, at the highest point, the abstract idea of the State as the principle of political reality. The moral responsibility of the individual is then inevitably replaced by the policy of the State. Instead of the moral and mental differentiation of the individual, you have public welfare and the raising of the living standard. The goal and meaning of individual life (which is the only real life) no longer lie in individual development, but in the policy of the State, which is thrust upon the individual from the outside... The individual is increasingly deprived of the moral decision as to how he should live his own life, and instead is ruled, fed, clothed, and educated as a social unit... and amused in accordance with the standards that give pleasure and satisfaction to the masses."

-Carl Jung, The Undiscovered Self (1928)