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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Despite Donald Trump Jr. Retweet, Libertarian Senate Candidate Rick Breckenridge Did Not Drop Out

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a tweet this morning saying that Libertarian Party Senate candidate Rick Breckenridge of Montana had dropped out and endorsed Republican challenger Matt Rosendale to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Jon Tester.

If this were true, it would have been pretty significant. The Libertarian Breckenridge has been polled beating the spread between the nearly evenly matched major party contenders. Indeed, in 2012 a different L.P. candidate did beat that spread between Tester and losing Republican Denny Rehberg.

But as Breckenridge clarified in a phone interview this morning, it is not true. The reporter on the original tweet misunderstood the meaning of Breckenridge declaring he had more trust in Rosendale on a particular issue bugging him this week: the use of political "dark money" to send anonymous mailers; in this particular case, one slamming Rosendale for wanting "to use drones and patrols to spy on our private lives," while seeming to endorse Breckenridge as "a true conservative" who "opposes government intrusion into Montanans private lives."

"No, I am not dropping out" Breckenridge says, though he grants he used the word "endorse" to reporters regarding Rosendale over Tester, but only on the issue of rooting out dark money, which this anonymous mailer has now made personal to him.

"I live here, these people are my neighbors, people I have to do business with." Breckenridge says he doesn't want voters thinking he actually supported something he sees as an unsavory direct public attack on his political opponents, neither of whom he views as an enemy, and both of whom he agrees with on certain issues.

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