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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Liberal Parents, Radical Children – Millennial Poll: America ‘Racist,’ Not ‘Great,’ Barack Obama Better Than George Washington

By: David Brooks
The New York Times

Liberal Parents, Radical Children

When I meet someone who runs an organization in a blue state, I often ask: Do you have a generation gap where you work?

The answer — whether the person leads a college, a nonprofit, a tech company, an entertainment company or a publication — is generally the same: Yes, and it’s massive.

The managers at these places, who are generally 35 and above, are liberals. They vote Democratic and cheer on all the proper causes of the left. But some of the people under 35 are not liberals, but rather are militant progressives.

The older people in the organization often have nicknames for the younger set: the Resistance, Al Jazeera, the revolutionaries. The young militants are the ones who stage the protests if someone does something deemed wrong.

If a company fires an employee for writing an inappropriate memo or uttering an inappropriate phrase, it’s usually because there’s been a youth revolt. If a speaker is disinvited from a festival or from campus, it’s often because of a youth revolt.

If a writer is fired for a tweet, or an editor has to resign from a literary review because of an unacceptable article, it’s often because of a youth revolt.

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(THL) It is unimaginable to me why major multi-million and multi-billion dollar successful businesses would ever let the encroachments of the social justice warrior, radical political correctness regime into their companies through their HR departments to choke out their productivity.

What possibly good purpose could this serve? Is it merely that a solid majority of good, decent, reasonable people in these companies are too afraid to speak out against these radical changes, for fear of appearing intolerant? Then the social fascism of political correctness has certainly done its work!

Take note of the "youth revolts" described in the intro to David Brooks' op-ed above, how they make capital of grievances, which is characteristic of the economy of socialism, a perverse (and highly anti-social) society in which complaints, and grievances, and gripes, and weaknesses, and sicknesses, and failures, and victim-hood are the currency–– rather than compliments, and opportunities, and forbearance, and strength, and health, and success, and noble heroism–– as in the economy of liberty.

Millennial Poll: America ‘Racist,’ Not ‘Great,’ Barack Obama Better Than George Washington

By: Paul Bedard
The Washington Examiner

Younger Americans are turning on the country and forgetting its ideals, with nearly half believing that it isn’t “great,” and many eyeing the U.S. flag as “a sign of intolerance and hatred,” according to a new and disturbing survey.

Those who came of age under former President Obama also have a larger than life view of the 44th president and feel that he had a “bigger impact” on the United States than the father of the country and leader of the Revolutionary War, former President George Washington...

44 percent of younger Americans believe Barack Obama had a “bigger impact” on America than George Washington.

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(THL) This is obviously crazy talk, but obviously not to 44% of Millennial respondents to this survey. Obama, a bigger influence on America than George Washington? Even if you like the guy a lot and want two more terms of him, this is just delusional.

And how could you like the guy a lot if you are upset that America is intolerant and racist?

After all, if you've been paying attention:

Barack Obama's government deported more immigrants than any president in history (source: ABC News).

And used tear gas on refugees once a month at the U.S. Mexican border (source: The Washington Times).

Obama has also killed more children than any Nobel Peace Prize laureate in history–– he ordered the deaths of hundreds of children in U.S. drone strikes (source: The Cato Institute).

And the reason very few Americans spoke up against the leader of its government going on a murder spree, is ostensibly because these children weren't white and didnn't speak English.

If Obama had been doing this to children in England or Australia, he wouldn't have gotten away with it. And that's straight up racism from America's first black president and his liberal supporters.

I haven't done a study on this, but I bet Obama has had far more non-white civilians killed than George Washington.

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