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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Now I Know Why They Said I Lied

By: Michelle Fields
Trump supporters accused me of smearing his campaign manager. Today they’re smearing Jim Acosta.

When I said that Corey Lewandowski, then Trump’s campaign manager, had grabbed and bruised me at a rally in 2016, Trump World called me a liar.

"It’s a hoax," pro-Trump voices on Twitter and in parts of right-wing media claimed. They reasoned that I, a Breitbart reporter sent to cover the rally, had teamed up with The Washington Post’s Ben Terris, who witnessed the incident and wrote about it, to bring down the Trump campaign. I had faked the bruises on my arm and manufactured the audio recording of the incident.

It was all a crazy conspiracy theory. At the time, I assumed that many Trump supporters didn’t actually believe it; they just latched onto it because of partisan zealotry. But I’m starting to think that I was wrong. Perhaps they really did believe that I made up the story, because they themselves were capable of such a thing.

Read the rest at The Atlantic.

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