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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Rand Paul: We Have The Votes To Block Saudi Arms Deal

Presented by: Margaret Brennan
Face The Nation

Rand Paul says the U.S. Senate leadership hasn't brought up any more resolutions to approve another round of arms sales to Saudi Arabia since June 2017, when Paul forced a vote on the resolution and it only narrowly passed 53-47.

Resolutions like this are usually passed by unanimous consent–– if no one objects, the resolution is passed.

But any Senator can object to passing it by unanimous consent, and require every Senator to individually vote Yea or Nay.

If it's brought up by the Senate leadership.

In an interview this week on Face the Nation, Rand Paul says he thinks there's a veto-proof majority vote in the chamber to block another round of Saudi arms sales.

Nothing Donald Trump could do about it.