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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sheriff: Capt. Who Gave Order to Standby As Parkland Shooter Rampaged– Was A Diversity Hire

By: Wes Messamore
The Humble Libertarian

Andrew Pollack, a Florida man whose daughter, Meadow was murdered by the Stoneman Douglas high school shooter in February, tweeted out a shocking video Wednesday, of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel saying the Parkland division captain who gave the order for sheriff's deputies to "stage" outside the school instead of rushing in and confronting the shooter––

––was a diversity hire.

She may have been taken from a qualified pool of candidates.

But using diversity as a criterion in the selection process could ostensibly have resulted in her being selected over someone who was better qualified than her, but not as "diverse" as her.

(Otherwise why even make it a criterion?)

Instead of:

"She had asked for some diversity. Appropriately so."

It would have been good to hear the county sheriff say:

"She had asked for some diversity. In the future I think we should just focus on selecting the best person for the job."

Of course none of this should be construed as blaming the captain for what happened, which would be far from good.

There is only one person to point the finger at, and that's the murderer. He bears the responsibility for this.