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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Battle of Portland: Quillette Editor Andy Ngo Films Antifa Mob Having a Total Meltdown in Portland

By: Wes Messamore
The Humble Libertarian

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Be forewarned, watching this makes my blood pressure go up and almost gives me a headache and chest pains, it might not be good for you to watch either.

This entire video just looks like a documentary of the damned in one of the seven circles of hell.

At 4:38 there's some seriously disturbing or hilarious– depending on your temperament– graphic nudity of an Antifa protestor aggressively sexually harassing one of the crowd control cops.

Speaking of whom–– as clear as it is that the police force needed to be there for this unruly mob, it is double plus ungood for heavily armed, militarized police pointing rifles at civilians (as you see in the video) to become the new norm in America.

Antifa is either not sophisticated enough to understand their overt, menacing radicalism makes regular people more likely to accept police militarization (i.e. fascism) because they're more afraid of Antifa than they are of the police, and it's not hard to see why.

Or I suspect maybe deep down that's what Antifa wants–– to see the whole world burn. They certainly don't seem friendly, kind, or caring, just angry, vicious, ugly, and terrifying.

Check out starting at 3:00 how many of these freaks look like the foot clan soldiers from the Ninja Turtles.

Doesn't Antifa know those are the baddies?

When I see scenes like this with a menacing mob of people with hoods on and their faces covered, I think all that's missing is like a burning cross or something. This is what the left looks like in America today? And people called the Tea Party terrorists for protesting the national debt in the most polite political demonstrations I've ever seen. They didn't even leave any litter in the parks and town squares where they demonstrated.

I used to think Portland was like a super chill place.

I used to love that show Portlandia. Made me think the place was super laid back, but I guess not everyone there is. Probably a lot still are, they just don't make the news for being laid back.

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