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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Behind Trump's Billions: How He Really Got His Real Estate

Another great video by the Business Casual channel on YouTube. Some people might watch this and say Donald Trump had everything handed to him, but he definitely took the enormous amount that was handed to him and turned it into much more.

Whether the means of doing so is admirable or not is the subject of a complex discussion, but certainly the personal characteristics and business skills of drive (or motivation), energy, stamina, relentless focus, hard work, leadership, salesmanship, marketing (etc.) that Donald Trump must have had to accomplish what he did, are admirable in themselves.

A lot of people don't know that Donald Trump had an older brother who grew up with all the same advantages as Donald, but died decades ago by drinking himself to death, instead of growing the family fortune and becoming president of the United States.

Hate him for his politics. Fine. We can have a discussion about that. But you have to admire the man's grit.

At least I have to.

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