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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Cops Anally Cavity Searched This Man for Drugs, Didn't Find Any, And Sent Him A Hospital Bill for $4,500

By: Douglass Dowty
The Syracuse Post-Standard

Syracuse, NY - Syracuse police, a city court judge and St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center worked together last year to conduct a highly unusual drug search.

They collaborated to sedate a suspect and thread an 8-inch flexible tube into his rectum in a search for illegal drugs.

The suspect, who police said had taunted them that he’d hidden drugs there, refused consent for the procedure.

At least two doctors resisted the police request. An X-ray already had indicated no drugs. They saw no medical need to perform an invasive procedure on someone against his will.

“The whole thing is cuckoo nuts to me,” said the suspect’s defense lawyer, Charles Keller. “What country are we living in?”

So, was it worth the risk?

The X-ray was right.

The scope found no drugs.

And when they were done...

St. Joe’s sent the suspect a bill for $4,595.12.

Hat tip: Radley Balko

(THL) "Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society."

If you're a libertarian, you've heard people say it.

Without government who would penetrate a man's anus against his consent to find some alleged drugs that trained doctors using an x-ray machine have already told them do not exist?

I hope this guy has a big pay day coming, and not from the taxpayers–– but out of the paychecks of the judge, the police who did this, and the hospital lawyer as well.

The doctors already said there's nothing in there after looking at the x-ray machine. Even if there was something in there–– how much could a man's rectum actually hold? The amount of drugs could not possibly be enough to justify a procedure that under different circumstances the law would define as rape.

It's not like they thought he stole the Hope Diamond and was carrying around in there. And besides, even if they were sure he was hiding drugs where the sun don't shine, they could have just waited a day or two for him to move his bowels.

But you know if there is a compensation made for this man, that taxpayers will be the ones forced to pay for it.

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