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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Cops Seized A $350K Ferrari They Thought Was Stolen, and Filmed It Being Destroyed Before The Owner Could Show His Papers In Court

By: James Hetherington

“I can’t believe they have destroyed my car,” Khan said. “I love supercars and I have owned a number of them and loved this one. I saved to buy this car, and it was sentimental to me and my family. It’s very sad, this money could have gone to a good cause.”

Unfortunately for Khan, his Ferrari was classified as a category B insurance write-off before he restored it. Any car that falls under category B is expected to be crushed and not appear on public roads again. He also had no insurance for the car, which is compulsory in the UK.

He was pulled over by police on April 5 after they suspected the car was stolen. He appeared in court with papers to prove he was the legal owner but was told the car had already been destroyed.

Read more at Newsweek.

(THL) No substantive due process...

Wanton destruction...

Maliciously pointless wastefulness...

Brazenly filming it too...

The people who did this are as uncivilized as the street thugs they are ostensibly protecting people from.

Like illiterate barbarians smashing stained glass windows.

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