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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Criminal Justice Reform, Yemen, Syria: This Week Is A Major Libertarian Moment

By: Jack Hunter
The Washington Examiner

If Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or Gary Johnson had been elected president during any of their White House runs, two of the top agenda items for these libertarian leaders would have easily been criminal justice reform and Congress finally taking back its constitutional war powers.

It’s happening.

The Senate and House overwhelmingly passed the First Step Act this week, considered by many to be the most sweeping criminal justice reform legislation to date.

For years, libertarian Republicans and conservative reform groups like Right on Crime and the Koch network have joined with progressives on this front, making little headway.

Now a bipartisan majority in Congress and a Republican president are set to make it a reality.

This unprecedented reform passage took place just a week removed from the Senate voting to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

This “is historic because really it's been a long time since Congress has stood up, grabbed their constitutional power and said to a president, ‘You can't go to war without our permission," Sen. Rand Paul said of the vote. “In fact, I can't remember it really ever happening that Congress has done this.”

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