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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I'm an Advocate for Liberty in The Heart of Bernie Sanders Country–– And I Won My Race for Vermont State House by 95 Votes!

Felisha Leffler

I'm 23 years old.

I'm a staunch advocate for the principles of liberty.

This month, in the heart of Bernie Sanders country... I won my race for Vermont State House by 95 votes. I unseated a progressive incumbent, hand-picked by Sanders himself.

Bernie hosted four campaign rallies with my opponent. He made it clear that she was the one prepared to lead the fight in Vermont to take our liberties away and give them to the government.

I had a different vision with my campaign. A vision of fiscal responsibility. A vision of individual liberty. A vision of getting the government the hell out of our lives.

They laughed at me. They told me I was too young to run. The political establishment told me that I didn't stand a chance.

Well who's laughing now?

I won my race by 95 votes because I worked day and night to connect with the voters in my district.

With the assistance of YAL's Operation Win at the Door deployment... we talked to the entire district FIVE TIMES.

The results on election night prove what Young Americans for Liberty and I have been saying for the past year:

The people want LIBERTY, not socialism.

I have so much to thank YAL for. When I was the YAL Chapter President at Sweet Briar College, I learned how to be an effective leader and spread the philosophy of liberty to my peers.

It's their trainings and dedication to teaching activists what it actually takes to win that sets them apart as a world-class organization and the reason why I'm so excited to see them continuing to grow and enhance their impact in our communities.

This weekend, YAL invited me to attend the National Liberty Legislator Coalition summit in Virginia with 25 liberty legislators.

There, we learned how to be politically effective without sacrificing our principles, how to pass libertarian legislation, and received mentorship from Congressman Thomas Massie about the types of battles to expect from the establishment.

I am proof that the message of liberty has the ability to resonate with the American people.

Keep your eye on the coalition YAL is building... this is just the beginning for liberty's comeback in America!

For Liberty,
Felisha Leffler
Vermont State Representative-elect