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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Krinos Imported Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is some seriously tough chewing gum made from tree sap crystals. This is no joke–– be careful chewing it at first because it's so tough you could seriously hurt a tooth if you just start chomping carelessly before you become familiar with what it's like to chew on this chewy, but very tough substance.

If you have an oral fixation and need to be chewing something all day or are trying to quit smoking, mastic gum might be a good fix for you. I got into chewing it because I have an oral fixation and could not stop compulsively chewing on my own tongue, and cheek biting has been a lifelong problem for me as well. I finally got tired of it and looked into something that would give me an outlet for that restless energy in my jaw and tongue.

I also found that taking better care of my teeth on a daily basis (brushing after every meal, and flossing thoroughly every night before bed without skipping a day, plus swishing with hydrogen peroxide twice a day) somehow eased the restlessness quite a bit and overall has increased my well being and happiness by an amazing amount for so little a time investment.

Something else that helped me with compulsive cheek biting and tongue chewing was one day randomly Googling "tongue posture" and learning how to hold my tongue in my mouth properly when at rest (probably the way normal, non-total-freaks like me just do automatically without having to Google what to do with their own tongue like a psycho lol).

The urge to probe around with my curious tongue and then relentlessly gnaw at anything that offends it has drastically subsided since getting the idea to look into tongue posture and discovering there is such a thing as proper tongue posture, and taking very meticulous and consistent care of my teeth, but on days when I just need a good go at something with my jaw, teeth, and tongue, I pull out the mastic gum.

How to Chew Mastic Gum

I use the brand advertised above. It's the only one I've purchased, and the product and the seller have my endorsement 100%. When you open it up, you'll see a bunch of tiny balls of mastic gum (a certain kind of tree sap made into little balls). Pour a few into your mouth, but the trick is, don't start biting them and chewing them right away. They are hard and crystallized, and if you start chewing too soon, they'll just shatter into a ton of super tiny, gritty shards and it's awful. I had to learn this by trial and failure.

Instead pour a generous helping (I like to get a nice big wad going) of the mastic gum balls into your mouth and suck on them and let your drool get them wet and soak into them. That changes the substance up from a hard crystal into something pliable that you can chew. After letting them soak for a few minutes, start chewing and use your tongue to gather the strays together into the coalescing wad of mastic gum. It will crunch a little even after you let it soak, but it will quickly gum together.

You'll discover quickly how much tougher this gum is than anything you've ever called gum and chewed. That sweetened, flavored bubble or chewing gum from the store is very soft stuff. This gum will work your jaw like crazy. Best thing about it is there's no flavor added and no sweetener. It has a clean, crisp, pleasant, wooden flavor as you might expect tree sap to taste and the flavor doesn't disappear because it's not added–– it's just what the stuff tastes like. And you can chew it for hours and hours without it dissolving into a foamy mess like regular bubble gum.

You can even take the piece out when you're done with it, and leave it on a bookshelf or in a container somewhere and go back to it the next day. It dries out impressively fast after you remove it from your mouth and turns crystalline and hard again, a remarkable substance. Just remember to let it soak a few minutes in your drool the next time you pop it in for a chew, or it will break into gritty shards if you pop and start chomping immediately. A wad of mastic gum can last you for several days of chewing.

That Mastic Gum Jawline

This is man gum. Cowboy gum. You want to chew some pink, flavored, sweetened, soft bubble gum and blow bubbles with it and twirl it around your finger, be my guest. Nothing wrong with that at all. I fully support that. It's a lot of fun. Tastes great. Feels good. Wonderful. But that is the more girly gum. I'm not saying mastic gum is better; I'm just saying it's a more masculine chew.

All kidding aside–– if you're looking for a more chiseled, tough, masculine jawline, chewing mastic gum will give your jaw muscles a great workout. If you want to go hard after getting to know the stuff, you can make your jaws sore the next day. I don't know of any other way to give your jaws a workout like this, and if you are a weightlifter and want to add that to your routine to bulk and toughen up that jawline as well as the rest of your big, bold, beautiful, growing self, it's not a bad reason to chew.

I'm not by any means guaranteeing that chewing mastic gum will improve your dating life, but the science says–– maybe it will.

Mastic Gum for Gastritis / Ulcers / Stomach Inflammation

Another added benefit of mastic gum is that it helps with upset stomach. I don't suffer from these problems, but I did notice chewing it does really settle my stomach a lot with a steady flow of stomach soothing essential oils straight from the medicinal tree sap this stuff is made of.

The science is in on this too:

"Mastic gum has been shown to be effective in protecting the digestive system, healing peptic and duodenal ulcers, and eradicating H. pylori [a stomach bacteria that can cause inflammation and ulcers]."

Not everybody likes mastic gum, but a lot of people–– including myself–– love it. The worst you'll have from getting some is an interesting experience with something fun and different.

Check it out:

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