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Monday, December 24, 2018

I Hope Kevin Spacey Didn't Think He'd Get A Fair Trial In The Kangaroo Courts of Public Opinion

Facing felony charges in Boston for allegedly fondling a man's genitals in a bar without his consent, Kevin Spacey just shocked the Internet with a surprise Christmas Eve viral video.

Frankly this one video was better than House of Cards S6.

What's with all these journalists and Twitterati calling this video "bizarre"? Have they not seen House of Cards?

Ummm, he's responding to accusations of criminal sexual assault, IN CHARACTER!? The character he was fired from playing after someone came forward saying he assaulted them when they were 14! Anyone who takes sexual assault seriously (even if they were innocent) wouldn't respond in this way. What a twisted psycho.

This video is not a response to the *accusation* someone made in 2017 about something alleged to have happened in 1986, nor is it a response to the *allegation* that he fondled a drunk man in a bar on Nantucket island without his consent, which will be evaluated by a jury of his peers in an orderly public trial in Nantucket.

Although, of course, it's impossible not to think of that interpretation of it if you know about these allegations, which is part of the brilliance of this video. It shows you how a mere accusation filters your perception of someone's actions.

The Let Me Be Frank video is about the Netflix television series House of Cards, and it is Spacey's audition tape / viral marketing campaign for a Season 7 that writes his character Francis Underwood back into the show. It was a brilliant work of art.

Yeah I know all that, and it's repulsive.

It's only repulsive if he is actually guilty of these allegations. If he is innocent, then it is very admirable.

It takes an appalling amount of hubris for anyone with a Twitter account to imagine they can be so certain of whether someone is guilty of an allegation without knowing anything more about the matter other than what the allegation is.

There will be a trial by jury whose purpose it will be to find out the truth. And they will have access to all of the available information to make that determination.

Information the kangaroo courts of public opinion and social media judgement do not have available to them. And even they may not be able to ascertain whether these allegations are true.

And call me old fashioned, but for such grave matters, I will reserve judgment until the accused has the opportunity to speak for themselves in an orderly, public trial by an impartial jury of their peers, and the jury has made a determination after weighing all the available facts in the case.

This is called the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty, and it is a cornerstone of Western civilization, and you do not want to live in the kind of world that takes the place of the current one we live in if we allow that cornerstone to erode.

Using such serious matters as an opportunity for social media virtue signaling on the basis of uninformed opinions is reckless and gravely trivializes sexual assault.

And it's not brave, and it's maybe the very lowest possible threshold for virtue, to clarify to everyone that you're against sexual assault. You want applause for that, narcissist?

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