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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Open Primaries Are Not “Nuts”

By: Wes Messamore
The Independent Voter Network

Writing for the Santa Fe New Mexican, Richard Block, a co-founder of Santa Fe Public Radio, avers:

“Open primaries are nuts.”

Block begins his piece by saying:

"Every year the subject of open versus closed primary elections comes up, and every year I am bewildered beyond comprehension that there is such mind-numbing ignorance concerning the only — yes, the only — purpose for primary elections. The one and only purpose of a primary is for the members of a political party — a private club — to select the candidates of their party to represent that party in a general election. A primary is not a general election."

But these “clubs” are hardly private. They have entangled themselves almost inextricably into our electoral politics.

They have written themselves into election law everywhere so indelibly that they have rigged elections in such a way as to make the two major political parties in the United States the only viable vehicle for elevation to public office in many cases.

They also dip into public funds to pay for their activities.

To this last point, Block says in his piece:

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